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  1. It's ok This whoile thing is a bit messed haha. I'll just wait a while longer otherwise I will call them. Thank you for the help!
  2. Good point of the skype thing. I'm talking about my alternate account (Pickullz), not this one.
  3. Thank you, it's not just the time thing its phone costs too. I can't log in online either so I cant pay the debt lol.
  4. I'm aware I should have checked payments but in the end I don't care who might be at fault, I just want to be able to log in.
  5. Thanks for reply, I know its not proper support but its the only place I can go right now, I live in New Zealand so I cant really just call them. Ugh this is such a pain. Thanks again though!
  6. Hi there, My main account "Pickullz" is on hold because of a small debt that I had, I have submitted a ticket on from a guest account and this account as well last week. Can someone please reply, Its now taking so long that I may have to wait another week until I can pay it off now as I may have used that money by the time I get a reply. I haven't had access to my account for Months now because Second life failed to notify me about failed payments and by the time I wasn't allowed to log in from my viewer I already had two months owing on my premium! So heres the ticket number from origina
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