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  1. Please do! I started going by price but I find it’s not particularly informative. Highlighting great providers would be great for them and great for customers, but you need a trusted source (like yourself!).
  2. While the eye candy is nice, it’s not really the pull for me. Quality to me means that she does an excellent job emoting or voicing the experience. Sounds or seems like she is engaged and having a good time. Stuff like that.
  3. Cost is less of a concern than quality. I’ve stuck to the clubs just because I feel like there’s a minimum standard you won’t see with freelance in the hubs, but maybe I’m doing it wrong? I’ve also seen that escort connection hub which is pure adboards, but haven’t pulled the trigger. Curious if you guys think that is a good option or other locations I could check out. Thanks for the replies!
  4. Hey all, I’m fairly new to SL (1 month or so) and looking to get more involved. I’m generally interested in the casual hookup scene with an occasional voice escort thrown into the mix. Two questions for those with a bit more experience. First, is there anything like an escort or club review source? My experience with escorts is pretty mixed, but I do like variety and would like to avoid paying for a bad experience. I’ve found prices and sim traffic don’t necessarily indicate quality. Would really appreciate if someone can give some advice. Second, I’m looking for a place to rent a house, furnished or unfurnished, in an adult sim with an active casual hookup community, with probably an active public hangout as well. Was hoping some of you could offer some suggestions for rental areas that fit that bill as I haven’t found a really great place to live yet. Thanks so much to anyone who can help me out!
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