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  1. Hi Linden lab Support team or concerned person, I am not able to login my account since 4 days ago, i tried change my password also for solutions by the email link but i couldn't give the password hint due to i forget it and then again there had to be given 3 friends name given the names but they were not any chance to get out from there, then after one day again i tried same process but i failed. its just i tried on my account recovery for the last 4 days all the possible ways like password change and put the ticket as well to linden lab by the mail but no replay. now its showing hold my account ( "Your account is currently on hold. You will be redirected to submit a support case in 10 seconds. If you would like to sign in with a different Second Life account, please click Logout" ) instead of shows the hint and friends names. now i dont have any idea how to reach to my friends and events i have been participated even i have been helped more of people whoever dosent know how to fix and make proper systematic inventory organizing of the mesh and outfit and proper utilization of outfit cloths and designs so many of there i giving hand to my knowledge. if anyone could help me out here to recover my account that would be more appreciated, i am looking forward to hear from you guys. thanks, Farha
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