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  1. yes i am just gonna have to adjust from now on i use to not have too thank you all for the help
  2. im not sure if its scripted but i was able to lay in this bed... but sence a few days ago i sink ao is off i tried un packing a new ao still no fix i relogged still no fix i redelivered my bod and put myself back together still no fix... this pic is from the next day
  3. ive tried tuning ao off and still no fix i have also re-logged and tried still dont work... it worked 2 or 3 days ago perfect i havnt added or takin anything off. then it wont let me sit proper lol
  4. So two days ago i had no issues with my sitting then i log in then all the furniture i use to sit on now doesnt work proper. i am using signature gianni. i have ao off when sitting idk what is going on please help me hover is good too
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