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  1. I was changing clothes to my Pagan Gorean outfit already saved and suddenly the screen froze, from that point on all the SL viewers including firestorm, and the SL Orginal viewer now do not load fully. The bar fills 75% and it says loading world and is stuck. This is a brand new computer from 2018, and everything was working fine the other day, until I changed clothes to this old outfit from 3 years ago. What the hell is wrong? I copy and pate some information from firestorm. PLEASE I NEED HELP!! THANK YOU for any advice you can do! i have the UHD GRAPHICS 630 Firestorm 5.1.7 (55786) Jul 13 2018 22:34:51 (64bit) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz (3191.99 MHz) Memory: 16243 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 17134) Graphics Card Vendor: Intel Graphics Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.2.0 - Build RestrainedLove API: (disabled) libcurl Version: libcurl/7.54.1 OpenSSL/1.0.2l zlib/1.2.8 nghttp2/1.25.0 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.10.4 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Studio 1.10.05 Dullahan: 1.1.1080 / CEF: 3.3325.1750.gaabe4c4 / Chromium: 65.0.3325.146 LibVLC Version: 2.2.8 Voice Server Version: Not Connected Settings mode: Firestorm Viewer Skin: Firestorm (Grey) Window size: 1341x787 px Font Used: Deja Vu (96 dpi) Font Size Adjustment: 0 pt UI Scaling: 1 Draw distance: 128 m Bandwidth: 500 kbit/s LOD factor: 3 Render quality: Medium-High (4/7) Advanced Lighting Model: Yes Texture memory: 2048 MB (1) VFS (cache) creation time (UTC): 2018-9-5T2:43:48 Built with MSVC version 1800 January 09 2019 17:13:40 SLT
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