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  1. Hopefully this helps a lot of people. I will try to break this down to the best of my ability. if you feel something is wrong, dont be afraid to correct a part. EVERYONE on Second life is getting a Tilia Account whether we like it or not and to continue playing second life, we just have to agree to the services and policy just as we agreed to Second life terms of service and policy. Simple. First and foremost, processing credit means you are taking your Linden Dollars and turning them into US Dollars. Secondly, if you really want to do that, you will need to provide the following information stated above for the transaction payout. For non-US Citizen, if you wish to do the same, you will need to provide things like a passport or maybe mail with your full name and address on it. For those who do process credit on a normal basis, this statement is clear as day and you can read furthermore about it in the Tilia's Terms of services. Im almost positive this has nothing to do with buying lindens, paying tier, etc because all of that is still in LINDEN DOLLARS not USD. Hopefully this helped a lot of people better understand the upcoming changes as far as for people outside of US and for anyone in general that process credit, look further into that because i see a lot of people not trying to give out they SSN and thats totally understandable. -Meek🖤
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