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  1. Re: Editing Picks Make certain you are logged in to SL. I didn't have "remember me on this computer" selected and it would randomly log me out. When logged out you can't edit your picks evenr though the SLViewer seems to operate fine otherwise. Drove me crazy for 3 days.
  2. The third party viewer link is nothing new to me. The Bright Canopy (Frame) link is a revelation so thanks for that. But I am looking for more specifics than "nearly every modern laptop." Like examples of what people use. I realize out of box people won't likely be using these forums but since I build my own I would want to drop a nice graphics card into anything I purchased and that's not an option here. I am just not familiar with low/mid range off-the-shelf prebuilt systems. Thank you.
  3. Personally I have a couple of custom built desktops that have no problem with SL (or anything else I have thrown at them yet for that matter.) But I am trying to help someone with no computer skills get online on SL. Is there a laptop or other portable device (about 13" screen) that will run Firestorm and SL out of the box? PC, Mac, Android, it doesn't really matter. I don't want bare minimum but there won't be much else running except a browser. So something middle of the road maybe? (Frankly I am tired of comparing the SL system requirements to pre-built systems.) I have seen plenty of topics on upgrading or building PC's but does anyone have out of box experience? Thanks.
  4. I indeed am now able to delete using the white and green arrow. And adding a new Pick is much easier now. I feel like using the "Me" option enabled the direct Profile method you prefer. I have no proof of this other than 2 days of poking at the "My Profile" dialog every 30 minutes for 10 minutes... Thanks.
  5. Thanks ChinRey. From there I was able to right click and delete the items as opposed to simple "editing" them. Crazy, right? Also I looked under "Me" about 4 times. I guess I was frustration blind. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  6. I thank you for that, but it only allows editing of what is already there. No deleting altogether. It was driving me crazy that I could change the SLurl but not delete the thing. I used the answer by ChinRey and was able to right click and delete. But a sincere thanks for your time Jinxy.
  7. How do I edit Picks in My Profile? There is no "add", "+" or other button. I haven't placed anything in there but some places are in there. Could somebody burn the Wiki? It was useful in 2006 when I was here but now it is all based on old viewer versions. I have searched this forum and elsewhere with no up to date assistance found. If you know of something please link to it. Using Linden SLV. Thanks.
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