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  1. FWIW, for posterity, I was playing around with the object edit and tried Full Bright (on a white piece of clothing)  with 0.03 glow and it was reasonable at midnight, noon and inbetween.  Instead of looking like it was glowing it had the effect of being a lighted object, like luminescent film which looks lighted without emitting glow.  It does make the texture look a bit like old school SL, but over all I rather like the effect.   Anyhow... YMMV



  2. 1 minute ago, Chic Aeon said:


    Unless you are ONLY setting the glow for yourself to be used in a photo, glow is typically not used on clothing (and honestly used very little these last years). Everyone sees the world differently depending on their Windlight(R) settings, so you have no way of knowing what others will see and often it is very VERY VERY ugly.


    Now I feel like a loser who still uses <blink> tags  😫😫😫

    J/K ^^ . Thanks for the advice 🥰


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  3. Hello Everyone,

    I have one dress which has a HUD for setting glow. I have another dress which is modifiable for which I can edit the item and set the glow manually.  Both exhibit a glow "blowout" in brighter environments, when I would expect brighter environments to washout the glow.  For example, if I have a flashlight at night, it really contrasts with the dark around it. But, the same flashlight on a sunny day would  seem dim because of its relative brightness to the sun.    So, here are two images of me dancing in the dress that I edited to have a glow of 0.1, at the same place, but with the on on the left at midnight and the one on the right at midday.   Is there a way to get around this, other than making multiple copies of the dress/using a HUD to have the right glow for the right environment?  I wouldn't mind if it behaved like RL (as if dresses glowed in RL 😁) and glow was all but undetectable in bright light and then as the sun set, I started glowing 👻




    Thank you ^^


  4. 1 hour ago, moirakathleen said:

    It might just be that this is an issue that the people who commonly answer questions in this area have not come across before. 

    If you are able to see the hangul in the Firestorm viewer, but not the LL viewer, then perhaps it is a glitch in the LL viewer, and you should file a support ticket about it. 

    You might also want to check in areas or groups in-world where you know there are other people using hangul to see if they have this issue and if so, were they able to resolve it.  You might also want to check in the International part of the forums to see if there is a sub-forum there that would be appropriate for asking about this. 



    Thank you moirakathleen. I think I will file a ticket.

    I go to some of the Korean sims sometimes and ask. So have, no luck. Most of them are using Windows, for which there is a known path for getting hangul to work properly. Also, the people I have encountered there have their systems set to Korean by default (so they see everything on their computer in hangul).  Def not going to make my computer default to Korean... it'd take me 10 times longer to get anything done :D 



  5. 8 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Is the Korean font installed on your computer?

    Hi Lindal,

    Yes, a few of them. As I mentioned, I can see hangul just fine in Firestorm, Google Hangouts and other apps.  I type hangul in one, then switch apps to SL Viewer and get boxes, to another application, hangul works just fine.  In OSX Pages I generally use Apple SD Gothic Neo just fine.  The default MacOS font (Lucida Grande) has Korean built in and should be working just fine.  For the record, it doesn't matter how I enter hangul into chat, it shows up as boxes, whether I use the keyboard/interface switcher, cut and paste from a website, text file, or word processor.   

    As I've researched this, it seems  that many fonts on MacOS seem to not be single-language sets. I'm starting to think that the default font for the SL Viewer, like the ones I've mentioned above, does not have hangul built in.  When a font has no representative for a requested character... it prints a box.

    Another though... I know people who have their Macs set to use Korean as the default language. They have no problem with SL Viewer. Perhaps viewer might be relying on that setting and will not recognize character sets outside of that language? In other words, this is a View bug.  I only kinda know what I'm talking about 😁


    hangul = 한글

    Seem to work great in Chrome 😛

    Jaenie ... um 미영 😁

  6. I'm using the latest SL VIewer and the latest MacOS, and I can see Korean letters (hangul) just fine in Firestorm and every other application on my Mac.  But in the SL Viewer it always shows as little boxes.  Some years ago this worked fine in the SL Viewer and then all of a sudden with an update it went from hangul to boxes. I've been trying to figure this out since then and no advice nor suggestion has worked.  😢 Just looking for more ideas. Please, do you have any? 


  7. Hi SL Universe,

    I know a thousand variations on this question have been asked, but I cannot find the answer to this exact one. I'm wondering, since I am already completely verified in SL with a verified PayPal account, would I then be able to take a Visa gift card I know I'm getting for my birthday (😁) and put it right into my SL account to then buy $L?  



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