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  1. Have to agree with Steph. I have been on this game over a decade and the improvements have been marginal at best. Ithadtocometothis' style of argument seems very aggressive and classic fanboy attitude rather than a realistic approach. "Angsty teenager go play IMVU", "Build your own things to make the game better". None of which have anything to do with the argument above. SL is indeed a cash cow and not in a healthy business type of way. Their sims cost even more than they use to and the cost to host is FAR lower than what it use to be. It drives the community away. Instead of working on improving the game they finally break to community ideas after YEARS of begging for something. They should be improving the game on their own accord but they only wish to find the easiest route to making money. This mentality does not work long term. If SL wanted to last they would be revamping their coding, working in PBR and taking a system that is STILL ahead of it's time in ways and making use of modern tech to keep pushing that to be the next big thing yet again.
  2. Man this explains a lot about SL. SL is a platform for creation and is dependent upon people making their own little games.. yet it limits you to such a lacking amount of inputs. I found a less than great way around it. You can assign gestures to shift+key modifiers. Have the gesture type onto a channel and have the script listen to that channel. For example if you had a gun you could create a gesture that is activated with shift+r which send /5 reload in chat. You could have the script listening on channel 5 for that and other potential shift modifier commands. I found a way around making a piano with gestures that play sounds. You would have to hold shift to play the notes though which defeats the purpose. I made a macro script outside of SL with auto-hotkey to do this for me. Works for me, but not really a marketplace sell-able idea.
  3. I've been reading about llTakeControls and I was wondering if it's possible to use keys other than the defined ones in llTakeControls? I was trying to make a piano that you can play with the keyboard but I don't see any option for controls beyond WASD E and C
  4. That sounds amazing but I wouldn't be sure how to go about this. I am use to using substance painter and having everything work
  5. hahaha, don't give me to much credit, it's not only more efficient but its the way to go if you want things to look good. Still a bunch of work to do but this is 18k tris. Subdivided once and removed all the unnecessary loops. The normal map doesn't hold across the mesh at 1024x1024 so I'll have to use 3 different normal maps which means 3 texture maps and 3 specular maps. That's 12 textures at 1024, I wonder how bad is that on resources. I can't find a way around it.
  6. Correct, I was talking about the industry standard that involved normal mapping. Why would I be referring to something that doesn't exist? Both have similar logic and neither rely on extra geometry, which was my point. The logic I see in 90% of avatar mesh is, "how many times can I subdivide this and get away with it." Not, "How do I optimize this to use a lesser tri-count and still keep detail". That mindset leads to ridiculous unnecessary tri counts that force users to turn off things like advanced lighting to save frames. Really not much you can do about it, I was just wondering what logical people do to keep up with this fact.
  7. Exactly, thus the issue with SL. There is a reason there is no option to turn bump mapping off in video games, it would pretty much break them visually. I'm just going to make my stuff industry standard and hope for the best ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Normal maps tell lighting how to react in order to show bumped surfaces that aren't really there. I don't see how this would be accomplished all that well in a texture but I've never heard of it before unless you mean baking the higher poly model into the lower poly. This can ruin topology and is a method of it's own that I don't see much use for outside of SL. How do you bake a normal map into a texture, I'm curious to see how well it would work for more complex geo. This is for a full AV. I've tested normal's in SL and they work well. Clear difference, but the mesh looks awful without it if you're relying on normal's for most of the realistic details (as you should). For instance if I had a low poly mesh with larger muscle detail and were to sculpt smaller muscle detail onto a higher poly model then bake the normal's into the low poly, the muscles would reflect that in the final mesh but only if the user has advanced lighting on. Without it the mesh would be lacking major defining details. It would look like it was from 2010 not 2018. If you were to do this sort of detail in a texture it may look decent head on but from other angles I would think the surface detail is lost. I assume it would give a drawn on effect. The only way around this I can think of is to add as much geometry to the low poly so everyone can see the detail with advanced lighting or not. I rather not go down that route as I plan on using my meshes in asset packs and rather not do things 3 times over just for SL and contribute to ridiculous tri counts. It seems like a lot of content creators go higher poly over using normal maps that could accomplish the same and much more. It would explain why SL is so difficult to run. To keep up with consistent quality of other creators it has to be mimicked or you risk a bunch of bad reviews. In my opinion bump mapping should be a requirement to run SL. Almost everyone I asked has advanced lighting off to save frames. It's completely backwards but it seems to be the way SL is. I could keep my mesh around 20k tris with one subdivision and some topology edits but I see most of the top creators have sort of an "inbetween mesh". Not anything ridiculously high poly but something that will look nice for all users. This seems like a lot of unnecessary extra effort that would end in a much higher tri count that most games would only use as a main character in their video game. When everyone is a main character you run into issues running a game. edit: heres a quick example of what something would look like to a user with and without bump mapping on
  9. I made a model that is low res but has a high res normal map baked onto it. I realized a very high percentage of SL users do not have advanced lighting enabled. This means my models look awful to them. What do creators do to get around this? Should I not rely heavily on my mesh? Should I rely more on 2-3 subdivisions?
  10. It says username and password are incorrect when I try to log on to the beta grid to test mesh. There is no place in the support ticket section for this issue
  11. Thank you so much everyone, it's working! I took what I learned from all of this and I have been making other little simple scripts. I was making 2 objects communicate with each other with channels. Pretty cool.
  12. I tried that earlier because that's how I play sounds through an old HUD but nothing happens. The script has no syntax errors but nothing happens with single or multiple words
  13. I am looking for a text to speech translator script. I need a script that will separate the words the owner says in chat and play them back in sound files with a one second delay between each word. it will have to scan the inventory and see if there is a file name for that word and play it back. It would be nice to be able to adjust the 1 second delay. For example: User types: Hello how are you? Script strips capitalization and punctuation then searches for the sound files in the objects inventory named hello, how, and you then plays them back in order with a 1 second delay in between each. if the word is missing it would be nice to get some sort of notification of which word so I can add it. I think SL does this on its own though. I am willing to pay or give you updated copies of the translator. I have over 500 words ready to go. Please reply or send me a message in world
  14. Thanks everyone, sorry for the later reply.. I was up for like 18 hours straight working on this lol. I have gotten to a point where it has enough words to work as a translator with my script, so it's been fun. Wulfie I was trying your script and messing around with it and it only outputs text Ellestone your idea is great especially for testing as I am adding a ton of words and have to test each one as I go. All sound files are named after the word even if theirs doubles like deer and dear. The script doesn't play back sound though. Both scripts are a very helpful tool for learning though. I learn more through other scripts than I do through wikipedia pages. I always feel like wiki pages dumb single topics down and don't do a good job at showing what it looks like when it all comes together and it becomes frustrating. I learned QBasics nearly a decade ago along with Html, PHP in conjuction with mySQL. I understand the logic behind scripting but it becomes difficult when I don't know how to speak to the language correctly. It becomes a chore of getting my idea out rather than forming a new idea and when I spend hours trying to reproduce a thought in my head it is not fun lol. Today I am going to look up a few youtube videos on LSL scripting and see if it helps any with the scripts you both provided. If anyone wants a copy of where it's at in it's current stage feel free to IM me. It currently has 430 words. I'm sure it's a lot easier for me to use though since I can remember what words I don't have. I also made an autohotkey script to send /1 automatically to talk in channels in places where I can't spam chat :X . Is there a way to make a script listen to multiple channels at once? I'm currently attaching 2 scripts/objects for it
  15. I am keeping it as simple as possible right now but curious if it will work correctly when SL tries to play them back consecutively. Variations and punctuation will only be done if it makes money in the market place, I'll just sink it back into the translator. Words like don't, it's, can't or uncommon words ending in S won't be included for now. "do not", "It is", and "can not" will be what works for now. I've already sunk 3k into it and I'm guessing it will be upwards of 15-20k before it's functional for basics phrases. If I add words with S and punctuation it will get ridiculously pricey. I will definitely convert the casing. I think SL limits the inventory count to 1k? So I think I will eventually have to move to UUID's. Right now I'm just running around with it and writing down words that aren't available yet. I figured out how to batch process converting the HZ of the files to 44100 and amplifying, that saves a bunch of time. The errors are definitely an issue right now but I haven't taken the time to wrap my head around the scripting. I just hope it loads correctly. If it doesn't i'll have a headache of more advanced scripting to deal with. Do you know if there would be a delay in the loop because there are so many files it has to check? also is there a way to talk directly to a channel without having to type /# ?
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