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  1. @MillyWH and @unicorn123456788 If you have trouble finding it in world, the name is Tell Me A Story, feel free to send m an im in world an I will send you invites!
  2. @chaosninja7 This thread isnt really for that. Lol. But you can join my new family oriented search group in world! It is called "Tell Me A Story"! Or you can I'm me for an invite!
  3. I know that everyone has a dofferent idea of what SL family rp is. I love me some para style roleplay myself. I wish there was a way to cater individually but I feel like doing to much at once is how people get burned out and exhausted over things an ideas quickly. Thankyou so much for your wellwishes! @OlliesOrbit The group name is Tell Me A Story, but you can also I'm me in world for an invite, o r to talk, or what have you! I am glad to see you are getting into rp on SL! Such a huge variety and a great community.
  4. @RaeLeeH I agree that there are several versions of RP and family RP, and that the line between them can be seem very thin. For some people it is all super strict paragraph style in character roleplay. I think I'm somewhere just shy of that. I like to chat and just talk, but I'm not quite interested in posting full on paragraphs for my family rp. I think what I'm looking to cater to with this group are people who take family life seriously. When they adopt child avatars it isn't just an adult playing a teeny person. They treat them like kids, they are their parents in SL. I know that I am also not, in any way, shape, or form, interested in catering to the adult side with this. I don't have any care that I would lose "clientelle" from that side because that's not the side of SL I'm looking to be a part of this. I really just was hoping to make a single location, group for now, that is specifically catered to RP families, the G and PG type, those who take their SL family life seriously. @ChloeKai I'm going to drop you a line in sl!
  5. Well right now it is just a group. I know that isn't much but I am hoping to, at the very least, provide a happy and welcoming safe space for us. I have considered an in world option. Just something simple, maybe a few panel people can open if the are searching for things. It is all up in the air. Lol
  6. Hey Melody. I don't know how to delete a topic, but I wanted to reach out right quick. I can definitely see how you felt attacked, bombarded, or ganged up on. I wanted to say I started a group specifically For things like this, for asking the family community in particular, getting to know others in the family community. I'm trying to get the word out now. You can check out my in world profile, or message me anytime in world. ❤️
  7. The more time you spend in SL the more you notice that our roleplay community tends to just confuse some people. I've been shamed for wanting to adopt, live the family life, and some day marry, and after a while you learn how to just let it roll off your back and move on. It's SL, things happen, people aren't always going to agree with your every whim or opinion, suck it up buttercup! I got to thinking, however. Wouldn't it be great if we, as a community of like minded people, had one central location where we could join, talk, discuss, chat, and even advertise or invite at our leisure? I know it's not the most original idea in the entire world, but I decided to give it a go myself! So, in that line of thinking, and being consumed by the want to just have that one place, I decided to make a group. Sure, it's taking ages to take off, but that's also mostly my fault. I'm not exactly the most adept advertiser in the world, and I know that it needs more exposure! That being said, I truly believe in it! This post, I suppose, is just to poke at people and see their opinions about such a thing. While I have already made the group in world (IM me for an invite, everyone is welcome!), I would also like to know what people think of it! Would you join such a group? Do you think that there is also a need of an inworld sort of HQ location for something like this? A connected family oriented dating site? All opinions are welcome!
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