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  1. Thank you everyone for your feed back I really do appreciate it!
  2. Why role-play? Why does role-play exist? Well the answer to those questions are simple, role-play possibly originated from theater like Greece, the Greek people had things call plays were they would take books from writers and recreate that into real life and preform in front of millions of people. In my opinion we should all be thankful for theater and role-play, because, without it we couldn't really create anything new like an OC for role-play and maybe without theater we would be entertained nor practice are memorization skills with remembering lines. If it really wasn't for theater possibly some film production wouldn't exists like it does today. We now live in such a world today where we can express our feelings with film, music, art, and many more subjects, and I'm so happy now that we can do that and we could possibly write our own plays and preform. As a dancer and a theater performer, I actually have found that theater is soothing as well as role-play so you know how the person likes to role play and maybe get to learn more about that person you role-play with and yes you can role-play with as many people as you want and you can role-play about anything your heart desires. Well aside from the soothing, and learn more about the person type thing, role-play can actually help your brain remember and your brain can get creative with words in a role-play. In conclusion, I think everyone should learn how to role-play and try it out with new things they come up with and make new characters, role-play with new people to get to learn how the person is with the plot, and to develop your brain more and more remember so much more than you did all because memorization. Had a fun time creating this to express why I role-play hopefully lot's of new people can join in the fun.???
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