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  1. IM me or drop me a notecard with offer.
  2. need a full sim, will buy immediately. let me know what you have.
  3. Pasta sim is looking to fill it's small rental homes with options of going to a bigger home as well very laid back management with someone around to help you out 24/7. if you are interested in prices or to see the place pop in Pasta and teleport on in. Look for Malice Dismantled!
  4. Full sim for sale. 6/11 tier date. Send offers via Notecard to Malice Dismantled.
  5. Looking for a homestead. doesn't matter if it is grandfathered or not. send message to Malice Dismantled thanks,
  6. looking for 1 full sim non grandfathered Please send me IM in world or a notecard.
  7. Price isn't a problem, trying to be cheap though, PM me what you have in world or send note if I am offline.
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