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  1. why is it that you all don't have anything that a chrome book to download the second life viewer for i woulds have thought since you all have it for windows 7 ...8 am even windows 10 am a 64 bit version an mac os x plus linux but nothing for a chrome book to use an your second life viewer page to me that really isn't right for those who don't h ave a desktop pc an or their desktop pc isn't working sop they reverse to a laptop for now yes some may have a chrome book such as myself an or a regular laptop that doesn't get the second life viewer also that is why i wish you all would make second life viewer available to everyone an anyone with a regular laptop or a chrome book laptop i have even tried i think the linuxs or thee black tiger on e or something like that on either one of them i couldn't even move my avatar anywhere or have my avatar do anything so please may i simply suggest you that you try to come up with something for those who are on a regular laptop or a chrome book laptop .....as i am having issues getting into second life viewer to use my avatar in my chrome book until i can getme a new pc desktop tower thanks in advanced Flydragon2642
  2. lol oh okay ......what if iwas just to try it after i buy it would there be some kinda of a well lets say a refund ???
  3. i found it in google play but it cost $2.99 really there isn't one for free ??? that you all know of !!!???
  4. oh okay yes i can use google play on my laptop....an apology excpted i just wasn't sure who hou were really talking to lol again my bad an i am going to go try that on google play 😄
  5. oh okay i can try when i get ghe money to do that an get the right tech guy to help me ougt on my pc desk top 😄 thvm for that moiraka
  6. yes i know this ...2ndly i never said you didn't know anythig at all i was merely voicing my opinoin is all iwas doing sheesh we all are entlied to an opinion so yeah that is all iwas just saying okay .....so thanks anyways 🙂
  7. okay then how do i down load the forestorm viewer for SL with out causing alot of B.S. and or it been very stupid for me hmmmmm .... however ihave no issues using SL viewer on my desk top pc but it is down atm k believe it is my power supply on my desktop pc since i have changed the button cell battery init already an nothing ????
  8. this is pictures of my laptop chromebook OS R11
  9. is there any other way you can help me through this to get SL viewer on mh laptop .... i havd tried firestorm on my laptop an really got no where with even with video directoions??
  10. okay thanks a lot that helps out a lot so far other than what i just got thanks again for your help 🙂
  11. why not i mean they should make an operating system for everything out there in these days and age i mean the way the technology is today i mean seriously really wow so i need something i can use to down load second life viewer on any ideas ...i could have done it on my desktop pc however it is down and not working so i need to use something eslr=e i can find online for free to use as a down load for the viewer????
  12. To whom it may concern, i am trying to download the second life viewer on my new Acer chrome book and it won'y let me down load it ....it has that it is not qualified for it or it needs a new viewer to down load it so can some one please suggest to me a good viewer i can use to down load my second life viewer on to my Acer chrome book ???? sincerely Flydragon2642
  13. Yes me to i finally got me some new year buds so all is good now ☺☺☺☺????
  14. I figured out what was my earbuds are going bad i found sorta new new ones an i can hear stuff in world fine lol
  16. Today when i have logged in twice to reset it i thought maybe it was on my end but nope no matter where i go in the world in Second Life there is no sound what so ever i know my ear buds work im listening to music now on my spotify but in Second Life where i can't even hear any water noises or anything that is suppose to make noise i can;t hear it even when i make my avatar laugh i can't hear it either which is very odd ..since it was fine yesterday and the days even before that as well an now today i can't hear any thing at all which is why this is very odd ... did you all do an update over night or is there something wrong with the sound in all of the worlds today thus far ????? please let me know what is going on with NO sound in the world that is suppose to make sounds :-)
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