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  1. . "Its Your's..Jurassic Park! its your job to make it work.. just.. build the park.. and populate it with dinosaurs! LOTS of dinosaurs! this will be the greatest theme park in the history of the world!! your job is to keep the park gates open.. to prove to inGen that the park is viable AND safe...Its Your's..Jurassic Park" -JPOG Intro Note: Both Sims are rated [M] For Mature: Blood and Mature rated content within Jurassic Kingdom is a Universal Jurassic Park Nostalgia Sim Walk around the Island and converse with the faculty staff.. or become a dinosaur! P.S sim is under construction Looking For Roleplayers a note is attached with a VIP pass for the reader! Looking to Fill RP Roles: Dino Handlers / Keepers - need lots of these Medical Staff Dino Vets - need lots of these Scientists we also have Primal Life for Dawn Kingdom Dinosaur Avatars enabled on both sims for feral dinosaur roleplayers
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