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  1. wow.. well im not to skilled on all this you mentioned... I guess ill wait to see if LL can come up with a fix..... thankyou so very much miss jewel.. hope I get to meet you in world one day
  2. ahh … will SL solve this or is it up to us? thanks for your post... very helpful
  3. hi..i was asking the same question yesterday... I did a power off reset on my modem, I am hard wired to it, I did do a clean install of the latest version of sl... I got this message...…" "ERROR … "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" "code 105" ...... any advice?
  4. ok cool...wonderful folks here to help...thank you so very much.....
  5. im wired .. been this way since 20 oct. have not reset router … I assume it means to do a power off reset? thank you for responding.... and the link... computer works normally in all other ways so far... search and watch you tube and such
  6. Starlight Zsun

    log in

    log in stops at "loading world" computer keys do not respond and I need to control alt delet to get out?????
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