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  1. Club Swaaag is looking to hire a manager to help run set through the week. This is a paid position. Looking for someone who has some experience managing in a club environment. No application, just a 1 on 1 interview. Possibly to start Monday. - Club Hours is 12pm-8pm slt Monday - Friday - Be Experienced managing in a club environment - Must have discord or willing to create a free account - Must use google spreadsheet and/or willing to learn google spreadsheets - Must manage 1 set each day Monday thru Friday - Be willing to post in event groups & our Facebook group - Rest will be explained at Interview.........please don't waste my time, if you not willing to do the work then please don't apply. This will not be a stand around and get paid job. If interested contact Ghostmagicc Resident............replies here will not get answerd, please contact me in world. Thanks http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/28/26/26
  2. CLUB SWAAAG LOOKING FOR DJS TAKE REQUEST - HAVE OWN STREAM - AND VOICE NEW DJS ARE WELCOME AS WELL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal%20Dreams/28/26/26 or apply here: http://bit.ly/clubswaaag
  3. Club Swaaag is hiring some good and reliable DJ'S. Looking for DJ'S that love what they do. We are a laid back club and love to just have fun and listen to good music. We have Live singers and concerts on some weekends, as well as a Game Park open to public everyday, all day. - Must have your own stream ......Club Swaag has V-side stream right in the club for you to buy a stream or renew your current one - Must mic during your set (some exceptions) - Must take request Please do not reply to this ad, I do not check for replies, contact one the managers below or come by the club, or use the link and we will contact you. Casper (Ghostmagicc) - Owner .........Samage (Sammantha Zimerman) - GM Apply Here: http://bit.ly/clubswaaag http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/28/26/26
  4. Club SWAAAG is looking for some reliable DJS & Host and Hostess that love what they do. We are a laid back club and love to just have fun. At Club SWAAAG DJ'S can play whatever they want to play except for metal & screamo. Check us out!!! DJS - 100% Tips Need a stream - Must mic - Must take request - Must be 30 days old HOST / HOSTESS - 100% Tips We are willing to train new Host - Training will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Must send Notices - Send group tags - Promote - Interact with VIP's - Must be 30 days old If interested contact: Casper (Ghostmagicc) - Owner or Samage (Sammantha Zimerman) - GM or Addy (Adorajoy Levee) - Asst GM Or drop by the club and talk to any manager - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/28/26/26 May also Apply here & we will contact you - http://bit.ly/clubswaaag Please do not post a response on this ad, I do not check for replies here, please use one of the methods above. Thanks
  5. ★♪ıllıllϟıı l CLUB ♬ SWAAAG ♬ HIRINGl ııϟllıllı♪★ ★ ONE ON ONE INTERVIEWS // MAY INSTANT HIRE ★ ★ HOST/ESS 100% WILL TRAIN / DJs 100% TIPS★ ★500L Sign On Bonus - must go through week trial★ ★ LAID BACK FUN CLUB OPEN 10am - 8pm SLT mon-fri ★ CONTACT:Vαηηαн کςhυѕtℯʀ (yvanna.schuster)- MGR Addy, (adorajoy levee)-Asst.GM; Samage(sammantha zimerman)-GM; Casper(ghostmagicc)-OWNER http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal%20Dreams/28/26/26 Apply here: http://bit.ly/clubswaaag
  6. Club Swaaag is currently hiring a Back-up Manager to help out when needed. This is a paid position. Please be experienced in some type of manager role in a club environment. - Must know how to run sets including: check-ins, finding fill-ins, handling vip and staff issues, spamming, ect.... - Must know how to use Google sheets or be willing to learn - Must have discord or be willing to get it (search discord on google and download the program, then create a account) - Must have a SL facebook or be willing to get one - Be available between 10am - 8pm - to help out when needed. (Real life always comes first) - Everything else will be discussed at the interview. If interested please contact Casper Ghost Parkes (Ghostmagicc) or Samage Savage (Sammantha Zimerman) maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/eternal%20Dreams/28/26/26
  7. Club Swaaag is in need of some good Host. All Host get 100 percent tips and some employee incentives. We are a laid back club where everyone is welcome. We play anything but metal here. All Host must: - Be able to send notices - Be able to send group invites - Greet all guest - Promote - Interact with our VIP's - We are willing to train Host as well. Need to be 30 days old for us to consider training. If interested please contact Casper (Ghostmagicc) or Addy (Adorajoy Levee) or you may apply here: http://bit.ly/clubswaaag check us out here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal%20Dreams/28/26/26 Website: http://gparkessl.wixsite.com/clubswaaagsl
  8. Club Swaaag is looking for hard working managers. If you not willing to work please do not apply. Club Swaaag is not like other clubs, you will not be standing around and getting paid. Managers here at Club Swaaag will have to work. Please do not waste my time. Some duties will include: - managing sets - including doing check ins, finding fill ins if needed, sending notices in event & hire groups, handling staff and vip issues, coaching staff - working with Google spreadsheet - noting fill-ins, schedule changes, ect.... - must have discord to communicate or be willing to get discord, its free to download - must manage 1 set per day - Must be reliable and dependable More will be explained at the interview In order to get the 1k sign on Bonus, you must get through your first week trial, and we must be willing to hire you after the trial is done. If you are interested please contact Casper (Ghostmagicc) or stop by the club and talk to any manager between 10am - 8pm mon-fri https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/33/63/24
  9. ★♪ıllıllϟıı|l CLUB ♬ SWAAAG ♬ HIRINGl|ııϟllıllı♪★ ★ ONE ON ONE INTERVIEWS // MAY INSTANT HIRE ★ ★ SHIFT MANAGER + PAY ★ ★ DJs FRI 4-6pmSLT / THUR 12p-2pSLT / WED 6p-8pm SLT ★ ★ FILL IN DJs 100% TIPS & HOST/ESS 100% TIPS ★ ★ LAID BACK FUN CLUB OPEN 10am - 8pm SLT ★ CONTACT: Addy, (adorajoy levee)-Asst.GM; Samage(sammantha zimerman)-GM; Casper(ghostmagicc)-OWNER http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/28/26/26
  10. Club Swaaag is looking for a Club Manager to work with our Management team. Please be at least 1 year old and have some experience managing in a club environment. Job Duties will include but not limited to: - Managing 1-2 sets per day - check-ins - Finding Fill-ins when needed - Filling in as a DJ or Host when needed - advertise in event groups - advertise in hire groups - Post sets on club facebook page - - Post on SL events - perform schedule changes - handle vip & staff issues - terminating when necessary - coaching staff - enforcing rules - reporting to GM - some experience w/ google sheets - Please have discord or be willing to sign up for discord, and please be experienced, we will not train you. We will train as far as how we do things, but managing please know what you are doing. This is a paid position, paid weekly. All my managers get a monthly bonus as well depending on how well you perform, will determine bonus amount. You MUST at a minimum manage 1 set per day. If you cant do this, please do not apply. We open mon-Fri from 10am-8pm. You will be off on weekends. If you are interested please contact Casper Ghost Parkes (Ghostmagicc) or Sammantha Zimerman to schedule a interview with us. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/33/63/24FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClubSwaaagSL/
  11. $$CLUB SWAAAG IS NOW HIRING DJS AND HOST/ESS SPOTS OPEN$$ *100% tips *We supply the tip jars * Djs, Voice is preferred * Monday thru Saturday 10am-8pmslt *ALL genres except metal and screamo *DJs must take requests and dedications http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arima City/223/231/25 CONTACT: sammantha zimerman -GM Manager Iᴍᴀɴɪ Alexander (evelushon)--MANAGER Casper Tha Ghost (ghostmagicc)-OWNER
  12. Club SWAAAG is cureently looking for some experienced managers. This is a paid position, so please read everything before applying for this position. We need managers that can primarily run sets Monday - Saturday 4-6pm and/or 6-8pm. Will be off on Sundays. If you can not work at least one set per day during those times, then there is no need for you to apply. We need someone that is experienced working in a club environment as a Manager. Looking for someone that has at least a year experience.....which means if your avi is less than a year old then you do not qualify unless you can prove another account that is over a year old. Proving your account does not mean just giving the name, you must log into that account and come to the club. If you are unable to get into your other account, then you must have references of club owners that you have worked for as a manager. You will not be hired until references are checked, so please make sure they are active users. If you owned your own club, that will not count as a reference. Please do not waste my time. I am looking for a hard worker, and someone that is dependable and can do the work. Your pay and Job Description will be discussed at the interview. Please have a figure in mind of how much you would like to get paid weekly. If you are interested after reading this, contact one of the following people listed below. The Landmark to the club is listed below as well. Thank you for reading. Happy New Years!!. Please Contact: Samage BUZZ BUZZ busy BEE (sammantha.zimerman) - General Manager Casper Tha Ghost (Ghostmagicc) - Owner Gerald Parkes - Owner http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arima City/218/224/25
  13. Please don't tell lies, nobody kicked you for asking a question. We are very laid back people here and most Cases I am always at the club, in fact the owner is there now. So if you would like to apply we would be happy to interview you, but one of our requirements is that you 30 days old, and seeing that you are only 3 weeks, you would not qualify at this time. So please dont try and start drama. Feel free to contact Ghostmagicc or Gerald Parkes, they are the owners. If you had a issue with one of the managers, then please take it to the owners and get it resolved rather then come post lies and BS here in the forum. Thank you and have a great day
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