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  1. Thanks Callum for taking the time to answer. I did check on my.secondlife.com, and got the display as you describe above. Guess I will probably never know what happened.
  2. Hi all, Been reading quite a lot about this but am still confused. In a nutshell, I am worried about a SL friend who vanished a couple of months ago without any forewarning. He is currently invisible from "search" (in-world and web site). His complete silence after being very active and his absence in "search" would point to either this friend having closed his account (but it feels weird that he would not have emptied his profile or left a word behind before bailing out) or having been banned by LL. Is there any way at all to know? I have no way of contacting him outside SL. If banned or closed account, would that friend still receive e-mail notifications for IMs sent to him in world (if he had enabled that feature beforehand)? Strangely, I can still see his name in my "friends" list. Also, that friend managed a group, and I still see his name in the "founded by" mast of that Group's profile. When I click on his name from there, I then see my friend's profile, identical to the profile revealed by my friends list and apparently identical to last time I had looked at it a couple of months ago. But I cannot see his name when I look in-world at the member list of that Group or of any other group still listed on his profile. Is this inconsistency normal? If ever he was banned for bad TOS violations, could any intimacy with him have consequences on his friends down the line? More precisely, could his private IM conversation log be used to investigate not only his own actions, but also the thoughts, words and passed actions of his friends? On a related topic: do profiles ever disappear entirely and do the "calling cards" we have in our inventory ever vanish from inventory ? Can the avatar name of a banned or closed account ever be re-used by someone else further down the line? Finally, does anything prevent the user of a banned avatar from immediately creating an alt and get back into SL?
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