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  1. hi. i breed with some other people and together we have lots of pets and for that we now need to find a reasonble place to rent where we are allowed to have and breed our pets. so do anyone in here know of a good place with nice prims and where the price is not to high yet ? /wiccani
  2. that i did not know, so i will check it out
  3. no. I have paid to upload my things and i have taken pictures in sl, but i cant see those in my marketplace listing at all, and if i right click a pic i cant add it to the listing. That is why im a little lost
  4. i have allready looked through that list more then 1 time and i have nothing showing on my listing so i cant do anything. So how do i get my stuff ingame to show outside on my listing ? i really cant find it in that help link
  5. hello there. i have some stuff i would like to sell in game, but before i do that i was told i could try and sell a few here on marketplace first. But how can i add my stuff in game to my shop here in the marketplace ? is there something special i need to do ? /wiccani
  6. wiccani


    thank you for that and i will think about the other
  7. wiccani


    now i have downloaded blender, not looked at it yet. Will start in Ivory Tower Library of Primitives so i can learn to do it right at my own pace. I might start selling poems if i can get it to work just right, but we will see.
  8. wiccani


    Thank you all for this i have a lot to think about in how to go about it all. But this is a really great help
  9. wiccani


    thank you and not selling right away, since the items i make wont be good enough for that. But i can practice while learning the game. lucky for me i have a good friend that will help me this weekend, so that is nice. This is just nice to know that it is something i can do if i ever get that far and have the time on my hands to do it, it sounds like it takes time to learn and set up a shop and so on. So i will take my time to learn the game, or i will be completely lost i think.
  10. wiccani


    dont worry i dont and where can i learn that ?? new to this what mesh program ?
  11. wiccani


    when a com is involved im not the fast learner, but i do like flowers. to grow them and make people happy with them it is just the part on how to get started
  12. wiccani


    Hello all was just wondering about something. if i wanted to lets say, start a buissness like selling flowers.... can i even do that at some point in here ? and how do i learn skills thatare needed for me to get by ? i signed up a long time ago but never really played, but now i want to try again. Thanks. /wiccani
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