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  1. Back when Second Life was new all the romance magazines had stories about finding true love on Second Life. So I thought I would see what would happen if I posted a topic like this one and..........nothing did. Years ago people were more open on second life but not anymore.
  2. As we all know people rarely tell the truth. That's what I said. Read the original post. Madeline: I think you might be lying to yourself when you say that's not true.
  3. Madeline: All good points, I would like to response. There was some science going on here but as you correctly noted, I failed to properly summarize my findings. For example, why did the cold group tell me they had 10 regulars and the hot group tell me they had 2 or 3? There is something going on there. Regarding the statement "As we know, people rarely tell the truth": that is not an absolute statement and it is true. Another discussion maybe?
  4. If you feel the need to call the authorities please do not hesitate.
  5. Why yellow? This beautiful lady from Russia reported on this subject in the General Discussion Second and was warmly greeted for her works.
  6. People are always interested in this subject so it's for those who are interested in the lifestyle.
  7. It is a significant life style found in second life.
  8. I've been chatting with the sex girls that regularly advertise their services in sl, As a public service I am going to summarize my findings for everyone who is interested. For those interested in the science behind my findings I used two methods to interview my subjects: cold and hot. As we all know people rarely tell the truth so I devised a method to compare answers: 1) the cold group: I chat with the prostitute but do not engage her services and 2) the hot group: I hire the prostitute for an hour and after about 30 minutes of hot chat and the public declaration of an orgasm or two by the prostitute who then insists on a bit of a rest, I ask them questions. One of the first questions I would ask the prostitute why they do it. The cold answers to why they became a prostitute break down into three broad categories. 1) It's a job, they do it for money and that's it. 2) They like sex, why not get paid for it. 3) They have regulars that keep throwing money at them so they continue to see their regulars but wish they would go away. The cold answers to why are you a prostitute is usually the same: They get turned on by someone offering me money for sex. How does it work? Most successful prostitutes have two or three regulars they see but they do not see them everyday, usually once or twice a week or sometimes less. They can usually pick up one or two stray customers a day but most do not return. Regulars come and go. Some of the prostitutes talked about their customers like they were their pets and it seemed a lot of them were on a real ego trip with repeat customers. These guys sound sort of pathetic because the prostitute will say they love them to keep them happy. How much can you make? About 40,000 Linden a month if you have a good client base and work everyday.
  9. Hi I am looking to meet a girl in sl, any age but young is preferred, who enjoys being tied up and raped for several hours a day by a brutish older man and forced to have multiple orgasms. You will be chained to my bed at night and forced to work as my prostitute during the day. You must be a sexual athlete and be willing to follow rl commands and voice. If things go well between us, I want to take this to the next level and if that works out, I would like to this in real life with this person that I meet in sl. Eastern USA is preferred but if you are willing to relocate from another country, I would enjoy that. I am a writer and use sl for creative purposes so I have lots for free time. I have been lucky and get residuals so I really don't have to work. I own my house and two cars. What do I like? Blonds. Blue eyes. European or Asian. Submissives. *****s. Tooback
  10. It's the new thing. People just don't realize it's real.
  11. Pandy: You think cheating on someone in sl and hurting their feelings is funny? I say that's why people leave second life.
  12. More reviews of second life from the internet. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.secondlife.comPublished Saturday, March 14, 2015 SL is not for everyone. I've been in SL 10 plus years on the same Character. I have been though alot of its changing phases and fads. Pros: It has massive opportunity for creativity. The customization is great, no limits to what you can do. Graphics are decent. Rules seem fair. Great place to meet people. Good platform to learn different programs and experiment with them. Cons: The community is toxic. Customer Support is only interested in helping you if you are paying a monthly subscription.There are scammers galore more then willing to get into your bank account paypal or your in game balance and help themselves to your money. The graphics are really hard on even a high end PC. There is no control over how many Avatars someone can make now. It's full of fake people and it truly brings the worst out in most people. The exposure to sex, violence, prostitution, child pornography, pornography, torture, terrorism, murder, *****, cruelty to animals, and other same type things is in over abundance. The rules state that some of these things are not allowed, but very little enforcement is done so these things are left un checked and happen anyways. I currently play SL these days, but I am very paranoid about whom I converse with and whom I make friends with. I have meet some very nice people 15 to be exact over 10 years of meeting hundreds of people, who I would say are worth it. SL is not a game of levels it's more of a game of mind games and style. Sex drugs and music sell and SL is full of it. You will find the most depraved types and in abundance, if you have the patience and mental stability to filter through all those types then there are some truly nice people out there. SL is not for everyone and I would NOT recommend any parent let even an older teenager play it. SL is not a game, it was supposed to be a building platform for developers and designers, and it turned into a monster child of the internet. Least from what I've seen. If you decide to come into SL. Expect a hard learning curve, unforgiving trolls and mean people who will come at you simply because they can. If you are lucky you might meet one of few nice people and be spared a few weeks. Do your homework, read blogs and websites,look for other reviews, and be safe. The one rule for SL I would say is important is keep yourself safe.
  13. Coffee: We are getting off the subject but yes, I have. Quite a few in real life in my younger days. I have plenty of stories. I will tell you one. I knew this girl for 20 years who was in the business. She would come to my house and we would have fun. One day I went to her place but there some sort of unspoken delay going on (she had to wait until her bf left possibly?) because I had to wait in a parking lot for about 45 minutes. She was particularly affectionate that day, kisses and everything, when her boyfriend returned while we were, you know, in the bedroom. He was a big black guy. She got all upset and everything stopped. The black dude was totally pissed and blocking the front door. I got dressed, gave the guy a smile and a wave and walked out never to come back. A couple of years later I got a message from her saying she saw I called her. This is not possible because I lost her number and could not call her if I wanted to. She said she was robbed and wanted to come see me. I told her I would be happy to take her to lunch and be friends. I was not interested in seeing sex workers anymore. I no longer enjoyed the experience. In addition, she was now older and looked like a wash woman. I liked her and wanted to be her friend. She did not take me up on the offer for lunch. A couple of months later, I another message from her. She said she lost her house and just got out of rehab for opiods and was getting back in shape. She wanted to come see me and again I told her I would like to take her to lunch. Never hear back from her. Here is a fascinating analysis of 10 young girls who became prostitutes. The girls all objectifed both their clients, their pimps and themselves. In essense they are in total denial of what they are doing according to this article. They separate themselves from their actions which you cannot really do because, you know you are what you do. That's why it is so important to becareful of what you do. In rl and sl. https://www.jaacap.org/article/S0002-7138(09)60659-2/pdf That's not the subject though. I am proposing that second life has a nefarious culture of deception and that the game of second life is to win a person's affection for ego gratifcation and lindens.
  14. Coffee. I love coffee. I have done a lot of thinking about second life so this about second life and it is not about me. I think only a certain type of person finds second life interesting. They have a good imagination and they like to fantize a lot. Also there are several different types of people that inhibit second life. There are the role players and the people who are themselves. Also, studies have shown that the brain cannot really distinguish between virtual experiences and real life experiences. Taking that on step further, studies have shown that people who have a low leverl of conscientiousness in their personality profiles are more affected by virtual experience and it carries over into real life. What I am saying is a culture of deception by the long term users of second life (8 years and longer) has arisen in second life and they think it is perfectly fine.
  15. Cindy: Not like rl. This is a good point Cindy. Thank you for bringing it up. In real life you can see the person, read their body language, look them in the eyes and know what they are thinking. In fact you can look at them and pretty much know what sex they are and how old they are. In second life, none of that is possible and in fact, many profiles insist that no rl facts will be provided. So the opportunity for deceiption is very high in sl and what I am saying is that there is a nefarious culture within second life that exploits this ability to deceive to win people's affections so that they can be manipulated for lindens or ego gradification without regard to the true consequences of their actions on the other person. This can result in serious injury for some people and that's why people leave second life. It's ......that word I said.
  16. LittleMe. You seem like a nice person. I am sure I would like you. I'm saying the vast majority of the people that have a bad experience in second life because they were mislead or deceived and their affections played with, do not overcome and for many, it is a serious injury, especially if they were a shy or innocent type of person. I'm not talking my hurt. Nope. I am warning the unwary.
  17. I accept 15 couples out of 57,000,000 total accounts. I also think the message broad has a lot more posts about being deceived by someone in second life. It's the culture. Please do not call me names
  18. LittleMe: I'm saying that second life is pernicious due to it's culture and unless you are aware of the hidden "rules of the game" you can get seriously injured. I see a lot of people who have left second life and never come back. If it's so great, why is that? And don't tell me they becames alts. I usually stopped seeing them way before they disappeared.
  19. Cindy. Please try and stay on topic. Your comment does not warrant a direct response.
  20. Can you give me some statistics Drake? Also if second life is so great why aren't usership numbers going up. I know what that word means and I mean it. That word. If you want make something of it, draw your sword and choose your words carefully for I am ready to battle today.
  21. Apparently there are a lot of kids on there. That's not the only review by a young girl that I have read on the internet saying that second life turned her into a sex addict. But more than that, I say second life is pernicious. It will turn an adult into a donkey and it has done many times.
  22. Ronda: You do not know why I am posting and it has nothing to do with anyone specifically. It's second life. Please try to explain to me why usership numbers never go up even though 600000 sign up every month. I say it is the people of second life, like you. You are very rude.
  23. You continue to attack me and you fail to address the issue. I read it posted on the internet. I do not the girl personally. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/website-reviews/second-life/user-reviews/child age 18+ Don't even think about it All I can say is that I started when I was only eleven. Ran a fairly successful business, had many happy customers. But there are malicious people out there, my business was taken down in a day because someone stole my stuff and sold it as their own. That's only the beginning. Sex is everywhere in second life. You can't buy a skin without genitals. Zoophilia, Pedophilia, Rape, all a part of this hidden disgusting world. I even remember being roped into escorting at one point. I was twelve. Didn't know better. This experience ruined me, I can't even go online without feeling the sick urge to go on. It's painfully addicting. Not a day goes by where I don't wonder- "Oh.. I wonder how my customers are?" And "That nice furry boy.. How do you think he is? Go talk to him!" It hurts. I'm typing this in my 5th period orchestra class because I can't keep my mind off of it.. Never let your kids deal with what I am fighting. This world is awful. It caused turmoil in my family, I stole my mothers credit card and charged hundreds of dollars to buy houses, sex toys.. I was a shopaholic sex-addict at twelve. And my grades? Terrible. I went form being in the 99th percentile down to 75 something? Never again will I let it consume me. Please- I pray to god don't let your kids do what I did. OH. And linden labs charged my Paypal account (I had a nice little stake from commissions) to leave. IT IS A SCAM. DON'T DO IT- IT'S NOT WORTH IT.
  24. Ladies, please try to address the topic. Why usership numbers never go up? Hummmmmm? What's your thoughts. l'm saying it is bascially perverted and should be rated x. I recent read a post by some girl who said she was 11 years old prostituting herself on second life and that her school work was suffering and all she could think about was second life and sex. That's pernicious to me. Can you comment on that?
  25. Thank you. You proved my point. The reason why usership numbers do not go up is because people don't like second life and the only thing that makes second life go are the people in it. Basically selfish people. Yes. An alt of someone who is very salty and has done it all in second life and now I speaking my mind about it.
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