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  1. I changed my feed parameter to all it was friends. But if I put friends friends should be able to see it. And it as someone in my friend list. I will ask her again. But it is strange. Now I put second life (default value)
  2. I was talking with a friend and she told me that she don't see my feed. I ask her to tell me if when she click on people she see following of follow. And there is no button following or follow. What could be the reason. Is there permission somewhere that could be by mistake applyed and hidde this button. And I was thinking if she is the only one ? Thank you for your help
  3. Hello I am trying to use and search in market place https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ I would like a filter without demo. When I am searching I have only demo demo and I need to search manualy what I want. Example I want long hair. I type Long hair sort by price and I have many many pages of demo. Second problem I have when I search by key word, I am not sure it works. I have so many things out of my search Exemple I search hair and I found hands, shape etc... How to use the search engine of the market place. Maybe I don't know how to use it. Thank you for your help
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