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  1. im not trying to avoid or get my way around any rules i just wanted clear information on what can and can not do as there seems to be a lot of discussions around this particular subject and as ive seen many other clubs do it as well due to that many of my staff and myself are a little confused as to what we should make of that. my goal with are club is to make it all inclusive, so i wanted to know if i can have child avis and nudity in the same space as i have seen many other clubs do the same thing, There are no sexual conducts on the sim what so every so i figured it would be okay to as i wanted it to be family friendly. So just because i mentioned and questioned this part of the terms and services please do not assume immediately that im trying to work my way around it or that i am going to allow that conduct on the sim. but i do thank you on the information you guys have provided there was a couple of links there that i hadn't yet seen so it was very useful thank you Rhonda Huntress.
  2. i am the owner i want to know what is appropriate so i can apply it properly to my own sim and recieve a limited amount of x
  3. Hi, im sorry to ask people of this but it seems like such a long discussed issue that not many people have an answer. My question is that is it against the rules for child avatars to be naked?. *I've looked over the rules several times and it doesn't say much about that in particular and i get a very 2 sided story when i ask about it, some say its not allowed others say it is. And considering i see nudity beach themed sims with nude child avatars in it all the time with no reprocutions from lindens labs i was wondering if it was in fact allowed to have on a sim. So please f anyone could give me a straight forward answer so i can be sure what i should allow onto my sim, thank you
  4. Just testing the forum
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