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  1. So I created this account when i was still 17. I just turned 18 on Tuesday but it still wont let me access the adult content on here. Any suggestions? Do i have to delete my account and make a new one? PLEASE HELP
  2. Hello. I'm looking for 3/4 parcels or larger as i intend to make a strip club next month. Any help in who i should buy from is greatly appreciated :)
  3. I'm looking for some big land selling companies that are also not too expensive. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks
  4. Does anybody know where I can get a cheap, 1/4 or above parcel? need it to build a club. any help and information is appreciated ^^
  5. i suppose the confusion came from the fact that people sell land on SL. I was wondering if they created the land and what not, as i want to create my own local destination
  6. Thank you for informing me. i seriously appreciate it
  7. I am new to SL and want to build my own land and destination but I cant find ANYTHING on how to do it. I would appreciate all the help i can get on how to do this.
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