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  1. Missing week 8 I don't get to experience the carriage lol. I am sure I will get over it
  2. Bummer, this is what I got when I got a friend who never collected any to try the week 15 one to get the list: "Sorry, but to collect the final gift, you need to have collected all the gifts from the previous 14 weeks. There is no reecord you have collected any of them."
  3. Actually, that leads me into an interesting direction. Wonder if I know anyone who has yet to participate at all, I can have them open the current chest and have it simply read off the entire list I will look into that!
  4. Thanks for the help but I only missed 1 week, week 8, but there were so many gifts at the free fair when the event started and people used the same SL15B naming convention I cant tell what was from linden vs what was from vendors so I am having trouble identifying them in my inventory.
  5. Can anyone help me finalize a list of the 15 gifts that were given out during the 15 week hunt? Extra points if you can put what week went to what gift! Here is what I have so far, missing 3 items and release week: Birthday Cake Crystal Bear Crystal Birthday Fairy Crystal Birthday Set Crystal Celebration Set Crystal Chimes Set Crystal Hoverboard Crystal Jewelry Set Crystal Tower Crystal Wand Crystal Photo Frame Crystal Spray Can
  6. Whoops sorry, I was out of town for a family funeral. Sorry I couldn't log in on my phone to grab it. Is it the end or the world no, but its still a bummer and still no this is not a life or death situation on the road.
  7. I truly hope an admin sees your response, I have been very diligent but every now and then life throws a curve ball and its very disheartening to know because I had 1 bad week out of 15 I don't get to partake.
  8. I am going to continue but i am super super bummed
  9. I feel sick! I was so busy last week I totally missed the Week 8 gift and that means I also wont be able to get the end of the 15 week big gift! Is there any way to get this and get back on track!?!?!?
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