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  1. Just got my picture up through the use of another viewer. Thanks you
  2. That's what I'm trying to do and work my profile up. Any general advice or should this be in a different topic?
  3. Turning them into a horse or just riding in a carriage with them might actually be something worth checking out. Although my question would be how to get money. I'm well aware that I can always exchange real cash but I don't want to put that as an addiction. Was just checking the marketplace and seems really expensive for the body. Photography does sound great. I actually love modeling too. Plus the girl I am with tells me she gets lazy so actually engaging in some activity like that might do wonders and your right about taking things slowly. I'm just trying to get to know her better instead of just beating around a dead tree. I'm sorry but those names are just far too cringy. Although I guess that's why they are easy to spot. My sub tells me she's scared of me changing my style since the place she introduced me has a lot of other doms there whom apparently were more abusive more than once. Which hit me hard. First few days all I really wanted was to see the D/S relationship since that attracted me to the place and how they are but now that I'm seeing a lot more regularly. Wondering how I can fit and balance it. I'll actually see if my sub would also like to explore with me. That way I can keep her at sight and at the same time it would help our character grow. There's really a lot of things to do in second life is quite overwhelming to just pick out one.
  4. Hey everyone my name is Sasha and I've been enjoying my time on second life. The first two days it was getting boring mainly cause I didn't step up my profile nor did I know how to do anything until I got into the process of looking and examining where I was going wrong. Looked though tutorials and even gone on and talked to people to get their thoughts and opinions. One person even mention since I had the animation (whenever I type) wouldn't look as I was being serious which I learnt to disable however as I don't want to confuse second and real life together i decided to just leave it at that. But was thankful for letting me know. A bit of my background. I've actually rp on other social media and know what I like what it is to be a dom, read up and even went out before to some bdsm clubs so my experience of bdsm isn't just chains whips and abuse which I heard so many people doing when they top that actually makes me wonder. I like giving back. Hugging creasing and just holding my sub gently. Discipline them when I feel they need it. Although sadistic side hits me more since I do love abusing yet I know deep down there needs to be a balance of giving and receiving and I'm highly sensual. In the past three days I've been overwhelmed people were begging me, most I've blocked since the very first things they says was "oh please dom me." = instant block, to dom them. I've did four sessions. All four were all fun and one given up their entire control even introduced me to a place where it seems to be fun and exciting she's cute and adorable. Another i rlv, one was going into it slowly telling me they don't want to give up total control which I highly respect but he keeps messaging me for more. The girl who given me all their control told me that they like the way I dominate even though it was like the first day. Since I given her freedom to move about. We communicated and it was fun however as someone who is anxious I took what she said (mentioning that she hates being in a cage, locked up away for a period of time and pure control, even mentions I one of the best dom she had) and thought about it, why she would tell me that this early? Lack of self confidence? Lack of being with other top which I doubt since she mention she had a few tops before and saw how other take control and says she prefers the way I do it. I don't lock her in a single position since I know some people would make alts as their tops don't treat them or just plain out ignore them. Even read it on this forum. I just discipline her since she touched herself and I want her to have more control of her own senses. Given her a few cuddles and she mentions I'm exciting, I've even punished her just to tease her mind a bit. I asked her again and again if she's comfortable and she tells me she is. Now onto the main part.. I'm just now thinking about how to improve and keep our relationship going and even going further. I've always wanted to go horse riding and go riding on a motorbike and even go to some clubs. But what are some ways to spice up mine and her experience? I'm not one for a single sub. I like multiple max of three and i mentioned it to others whom I top and the subs seems to respect that. Sorry for such a long post but I just wanted to make sure I got the image of what dom I am trying to portray as I've seen and read so many people complaining about the way they been treated but thanks you for the advice.
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