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  1. I wasn't being disrespectful, and my post isn't for advertising, but whatever, keep hating. No time for people ganging up on others. If anyone out there wants to contact me regarding the vamp stuff please do so in-world. If this thread puts you off, well then, so be it, I wanted to help those who want to RP with a system in SL, and yeah you don't need the huds and stuff but sometimes it's more fun with the hud, doesn't mean you have no imagination... but honestly, this crap ain't worth dealing with.
  2. "The edgier you try to look (most everyone at Grandpa's), the more desperate for attention you appear." How about you respect other people's way of playing or just go play it your way and leave us alone. We don't need or want your troll drama. Is it too much to ask for people to just be nice, why does everything always have to be a b**ch-fest, fricken keyboard commandos. Respect costs you nothing, sitting behind your pc making snide comments where none are wanted or needed costs you kharma and removes respect. Try to stop negatively affecting the world before your bad kharma catches up to you. Peace.
  3. Contact me in-world on how to change it or respond here, I will check back when I can and contact you in-world. If I don't respond in-world please try again or send me a notecard, my messages get capped. Just to confirm this is for you to switch to a free system so you don't get bled out financially in SL.
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