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  1. Forced Gratitude??? No one forces you to click the coins in the first place... or any item in a traffic game. No one forces you to play Second Life in the first place. Then again, I'm sure the concept of gratitude eludes you entirely
  2. So You are saying I am earning by being a land owner or an admin? Please.. I play the game and I am a land owner.. I earn NOTHING being a land owner OR admin. NOTHING.. what I earn in game is what I hunt myself. Geeze.. certain people from certain games have really gotten to you... Still I stand by saying that playing ANY traffic game is a Privilege... NOT a right. So get off your self righteous little hickory stump before you get splinters in your feet
  3. I will say this, if you happen to go to a store or other land where you find the Treasure Quest coins, and click them.. and manage to get a hud, common sense should tell you to find out more about how to join if you cannot find a group joiner. Not only that, every single coin you click tells you to read our Terms of Service. Our rules are ever changing because people find new ways to cheat, to be greedy, or just flat out abuse the game. To be honest, there are other games following our examples (i.e. not allowing you to teleport others to items, allowing you to click only one item at a time
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