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  1. cool, thanks for the reply guys! if anyone wants to IM me inworld feel free to id love to have someone to RP with again! Also please if you find my profile to read my google forms links that are in my profile pics, they have all the information/ my rules on my RP style and what i like and don't like.
  2. Are there any role players out there that like to continue one story line and not just end the role play when they leave an area? I seem to run into a lot of people that just pop into a scene role play and then when they leave the scene the role play ends for them and they go onto a different area. For me i like dragging out a story line for as long as can with one person with note cards so we can keep track of what was said for the role play. I used to create long stories as a kid on MSN messenger that way with a friend and it was alot of fun. For second life tho is this even a thing? Or am i just doomed to wonder around looking for people on a sim hoping they will start a quick role play with me and create a scene before getting board and moving on to something else. I know with role play especially in a role play sim things can move semi fast and with alot of people in one area role playing in say a diner, and i am there trying to put in my two sense to the scene it can feel rather intimidating with so much chat going on all at once. Even with the rule of waiting for someone to post there line i still feel almost overwhelmed trying to keep up since i have dyslexia and i typo pretty bad because im having to erase things i wrote when i flip a few letters around in my words. tho i'm sure typing fast doesn't help me either but i have to type fast to try to keep up. I've run into people that have no patients to wait for my post and if i haven't posted within five minutes they get board and ditch. Least with Note cards i can slow down and think about how i want the scene to play out if the other person and i role play with, we are on the same page for the story we create. So far tho the Note card way i have only met one other person that likes to role play that way. Thoughts and feedback? Please be kind! thanks
  3. Why does everyone just look only for role play sims? Why not find a Role play buddy like me and dive into having a long lasting friendship with that person and create a story line together no matter where you are in the SL world. This way the possibilities are kinda endless in the fact that 1) your creating a story line with a good friend who communicates with you and actually enjoys coming along side you to create an amazing story together. and 2) you dont have to worry about conforming to the sims rules and getting there huds exc. This way no matter where you are on any sim you and your friend can pick a random destination ( say a photogenic photography sim thats half covered in water an the other half is lush forest) and you and your buddy wonder around and find strange markings on the runes that you stumble apon in the forest. so you wonder what could these strange marking be? was an ancient Civilization once living here? and thus suddenly the idea of a role play that you and your buddy are now great explores on a mission to find out what happened and you and your friend are now suddenly role playing out this idea.while you explore the sim you have TPed to. By just exploring every sim you land apon and talking and chatting you and your feind can come up with all sorts of idea for role play you just have to look for them. Like me im sure there are alot of people out there that are looking for someone to make a friend an enjoy their time creating a story with another person rather then just standing around on a a RP sim waiting for someone to engage with you when you toss out a few lines here and there to see if anyone on the role play sim takes the bait only to maybe find one person who does jump on the chance to role play with you for a few short hours only to have the story end after the person leaves and you may never see them again after that. Even if you did ask for a friend invite the next day there to busy doing other things to continue the story line that you role played out the day before and there on a different sim role playing something else and they barley talk to you. so what the point of that? OR for example you come onto a role play sim only to have everyone be so rude to you and ignore you when you attempt to jump in on the story line with other people only to find out from a friend that the sim is dealing with major drama Everywhere.....Not to mention the sim has horrible lag to the point where you can barly move.So instead of finding a Role play sim maybe make a new friend who actually loves creating a story line and shares like minded ideas and no matter where you are, you can just RP freely with your new buddy laughing an having a good time getting to know them and then when the opportunity comes where there is a cool place you land apon together you can just instantly create a roleplay and with a click of a button change your outfits and make your own scene with your surroundings you see that are already on the sim an you dont have to worry about rezzing things because you can just use what ever you see that is there around you.....
  4. Thank you! i was kinda nervous to put this up.....
  5. I'm looking for someone either Male or Female who would like to have a role play buddy on a long term basis in a Semi realistic modern day Role play. Looking for Someone that doesn't just want RP , but to Create a long lasting Friendship with me. for more info please visit this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DImrdFgGgP8ZkMyYzX1JmOpk-DvB1eYfS21YhvSV-tc/edit?usp=sharing And if you read that visit this link for my Rules and guidelines here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10wdmUS3YyulCZAjpwNOWH53l_wDnY00v39dr14rj-dM/edit?usp=sharing If you read all that feel free to IM me inworld Rissinia Resident for more info.
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