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  1. seems fairly up to date, notice the issue only when around 3 or more avatars which would bring me to the entire creator optimization thing, im assuming my only option is to turn down avatar impostors
  2. ive been in SL 12 years. I know its not a game, I know textures are optimized poorly. But mine is all viewer related issues. not in game content. my gpu has no problem rendering.
  3. pretty sure my gpu IS idling. how do i get it running harder without oc?
  4. well my settings on low decreases performance drastically i just run it on recommended for my hardware which is a notch below ultra
  5. I'm only on 1080 at 60hz and I've used SL for many years now and had less issues on other rigs but after a long much needed break it seems I have forgotten some optimal settings and yes I am curious if perhaps my build is not performing at its maximum potential, I did cheap out when I went the AMD route and was looking for something more deemed towards optimization in maya and zbrush at the same time as well as streaming, and to the guy about the 1337 rigs I assure you I do not build my machines to be 1337 gaming rigs I build them to be 1337 media tools definitely wasnt born yesterday. I am new to the 1000 series of gtx though and im looking at my statistics now and hopefully I'll find whats wrong typically I use cpu-z occt and all that for troubleshooting.
  6. I still wonder why my fps is so low, my build handles everything exceptionally well with the exception of second life and arma 3 mainly because arma 3 server optimization is terrible
  7. My friends on lesser builds, even though they are intel are getting better performance than me my current specs are Ryzen 7 1700 msi gtx 1080 16 gigs g.skill 3200 mhz ram 1tb hdd and 250 gig ssd im running ethernet on a 100mb connection speed test checked out fine, but yet i am still lagging getting 30fps and lower mostly 15fps on firestorm. ive tried singularity and it ran worse, what is going on my build is brand new practically I cant figure out why my fps is lacking so much.
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