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  1. Thank you so much for the replies everyone, I'll try your methods out :)
  2. Hey guys, I was just wondering, what are the ways you can lower land impact on objects using blender? I currently use limited dissolve and decimate but was curious if there are any other ways to do it, thanks
  3. Ahh, I tried exporting the upper and lower body parts (as separate objects but placed together) from blender, but photoshop just treats it as one object with one uv map and i'm not sure how to correct it (as shown) so frustrating that i'm so close yet so far, ahhhh
  4. Does anyone use photoshop 3d to make skins? I figured it would be the easiest way to deal with seams but since the upper and lower body parts are seperate objects, I'm not sure how to crossover paint between the 2 as if it were one whole object, without messing up the UV's..
  5. Hey guys, I've been working on making skin body appliers but I'm having a hard time placing shadows on the template, under the arms, the back of the arms etc without it looking off or causing seams, I feel like I may be missing a method to do this, I've tried using avastar and baking a shadow map with the default body to then use as an overlay on my skin but the map doesn't turn out great at all and it looks awful, not sure of a workaround to this, I was just wondering what methods does everyone else use or if there are any shadow map resources available for skin creation? Thanks
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