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  1. You can find me performing at the O Lounge if you want to hear what I do. We need more live musicians, it doesn't take a lot of skill to be a DJ seriously.
  2. What about working as a Band Manager/Booking Agent?
  3. This job is still open. Message me if you want to earn some SL$
  4. Not sure if this is the place to post this. I keep getting grief from posting in the wrong place I'm looking for an Elton John Avatar, or maybe some flashy Elton glasses or something. I looked in the market place and couldn't find anything. Where would a good place to look for stuff like that?
  5. lol well as I said I'm new. I didn't see that that sub forum until I clicked out of people. Didn't realize there were more forums.
  6. I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm still new at this. But I run an Elton John tribute band in real life, and just started streaming our music at open mic venues in Second Life. I got a full band that I stream from my house. I am looking for someone interested in helping a new second lifer get some gigs in game who is connected with live music venues. If you need samples of our stuff let me know.
  7. I'm still pretty new to this but I've fallen in love with the music venues in Second Life. I am a musician in real life and run an Elton John tribute band. I've been hanging out in karaoke bars and playing my piano, but I was wondering is there someone out there that might be interested in being a band manager for my band? I have a four piece band (drums/synth/piano/vocals) and it would be a lot of fun to explore all the different venues in Second Life and maybe get a little Lindens for it. Send me a message if you are interested. Thank you!
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