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  1. People will always find a reason to disapprove. As much as I love OCs, I find RPing canon characters more... me. It is where I started, and I love writing and exploring characters I love and watching them grow. But you are more than welcome to join as an OC, when and if I make this happen.
  2. Hi darling, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I received nothing inworld. Do you mind resending your inquiry? I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  3. I've had this idea for awhile, an idea I would like to bring to life and Second Life seems like a good yet expensive platform to try it on. I want to start an active Role-Play group set in the canon era of Game of Thrones but in an alternate reality where the Targaryens quashed the Rebellion. After winning the war, Rhaegar Targaryen called a Great Council meeting and Aerys was found unfit to rule. Thinking he would turn into a dragon and bring his wrath down on his son, he set himself on fire and Rhaegar laid claim to the throne and restored polygamy in the ruling family by taking Lyanna as hi
  4. I have been on Second Life 12 days and everyday I hopped from one sim to the next in search of the ever so elusive play partner(s) I want and I am beginning to give up hope on ever finding them. I am seeking a dominant play partner who is: - Preferably male avatar but your gender doesn't matter. - Young enough for us to understand each other. - Understands the difference between real life and role play/second life. - Who respects me and my limits and my needs. Who is willing to build our characters relationship. - Who can write descriptively (I am not demanding, two
  5. Hi, is the role-play still open? Is the role of brother girl still available? And what is the application process? Do you need a back story and a sample of writing? And most of all, is the sim active? Can I actually get RP going?
  6. I've been considering going into it, too, because I am desperate for some RP but as I am only few days old I have to wait. But what kind of RP are you looking for? I am in three different Sims and they're all interesting so far, just not as active as I hoped.
  7. Hi, I know I have only been a resident in Second Life a few days but in those few days I have already learned so much and I am looking to expand that experience, to do what I came here to do and it is explore RP and the BDSM community in Second Life. I am seeking out RP partners, ones who are able to write few sentences at least, to help on this journey. (Can't really RP alone, now can I? Hahah) Anyway, I am seeking out writing partner(s) who are over open minded, over eighteen, and able to write. I need someone I could communicate with, someone I could have interesting stories with and
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