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  1. So you were saying that asian women are attractive , but asian men are not ? (from western perspective) I know for sure that in my country it's very common to see a western man walking with a Thai woman, but in the contrary, it's very very rare to see a western woman walking with a Thai man.
  2. Please note that the 5 people i met them consecutively (one following another), no gap of other people in between them. It's not like 5 people in different occasions. They were all in the same time, same place, same occasion. 5 out of 5. And although i was acting as a man, i did not say anything out of the ordinary, it was just a proper introduction like "How are you ?", "I am fine thank you.", "Do you come to this place often ?". And i have never experienced that as a female avi. Not even once.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question that I would like to have an honest and straight forward opinion from all of you. Please note that this topic is not meant to create any conflict, it is just out of my innocent curiosity. I am a Thai woman from Thailand, my main account is female, but i also have an alt account as a male form for the purpose of making SL machinima, but i never used him in the public. Last week i decided to try him out in the public to see how i would experience as a male avi. So, I went to Frank's Place Ballroom, and I randomly started a private conversation with 5 women there (one at a time), they were all Americans (specified in the profile). The conversations went very well as i was very polite, respectful, and no sexual at all, just general conversations. Just after about 10 lines, they asked me where i am from. So i told them that i am from Thailand. Suddenly they all went silent, no words from them after that, one of them even left the scene without saying anything. I did not ask them what's wrong. At first i thought that they were afraid of the cultural differences, but later on, i came to think that i never had that problem as a female avi before (my female account has been regularly active since 2010), as a female avi when i told people that i am from Thailand, they were all fine, most of them replied that they liked my country or they have been to, something like that, and they all continued the conversation. But why it's different to my male form ? What's wrong with appearing to be a Thai man from Thailand ?
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