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  1. And are you ok with that? Knowing they are killing the main purpose of SL? I was not aware of such posts, but i felt the need of letting my voice be heard as this is something i find unfair, and LL cannot ignore the loss they are suffering in primis
  2. I am addressing this lecter to anyone in the Linden Labs who could read and perhaps do something, please upvote this post if you agree! Hello, i am the proud owner of a respected adult club in the grid, with its own remarkable traffic and visitors. A pub, to be exact, because SL is meant to be social, and what place is more social than a lively tavern? Yet year by year, we all cannot deny that the SL populace is slowly fading, less and less people logs in and prefers going elsewhere. WHY, you may wonder? There are several factors but let me tell you about ONE kind of factor in particular that is literally destroying the concept of meeting point: AFK Hangouts. What are they? Simple. They are places , mostly adult themed, in which one goes there mostly for sexual interactions with other people who are AFK, they just "park" their avatars there and do absolutely nothing. Yet such places have the highest traffic in many cathegories. This not only goes against what SL is meant to be, but it also discourages new people to join the community for seeing such places are taking over the grid. What is the meaning of allowing such places hide in the shadow those who tries their best to keep the community alive and social? Dont you realize this is also why SL is slowly being abandoned? I, with my little place, stand against these places welcoming every guest with a smile, talking to them, playing with them, and there are many other little realities out there who does the same. Please LL, help us making the grid a better place for all of us who sees SL as what it was first created for. Help us getting rid of something as nonsense as AFK hangouts.
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