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  1. http://www.canarybeck.com/2015/05/13/second-life-sex-survey-results/ 40% usually have an orgasm. Women spend more time on sl than men. Most people say they protray the same sex as they are in rl. Second Life is for women.
  2. Does your husband know you are a whore in SL? If yes, I do not see a problem. If not, why not? It's just a fantasy right? All those orgasms you have in rl with strange men in sl mean nothing i suppose. And how about all those broken hearts i see? Those aren't real either, are they?
  3. You know me too well. I stopped back to thank everyone for their help. This was much quicker and cheaper than therapy. I know what I need to know and I am much happier now. Bye now.
  4. The reason why I tried to use SL to have a social life is because I went deaf in rl. Chatting by typing allowed me to underatand what people were saying. However, I did not find sl to be best place to make friends because, as you have all noted, the opportunity for deception is very high. Also, there are a lot of manipulative and evil people in second life. You all know nothing about me. I will not return to this board or to secondlife, every again. Have fun playing with yourselves.
  5. I have over 300 girls on my friends list. Almost all of these girls had rl bf or husbands and yet they had SL sex with me. Sometimes, there bf was asleep in the next room.
  6. Yes, but only one. This girl. Please note that a whore is not not prostitute. A whore is a girl who likes to *****.
  7. Good advice Scott: I was just trying to be funny when I made the remark about the whiplash. I apologize to Sylvanna if she was offended. I did get some useful comments hoever people seem rather judgmental and excessively harsh on here. On another board, someone compared SL to like being in high school. I think that's what SL is like. High School. And nobody really enjoyed High School, did they? Anyway, I offer my story as another cautionary tale about the horrors of allowing your feelings to develop for someone you meet on SL. Thanks again. Your post is very helpful.
  8. I'm sorry you feel that way because you made a useful observation that the relationship is toxic. And although I have gotten a lot of useful infromation, I'm really looking for a way to de-tox the relationship, not leave it. As far as the original question was concerned, i guess people lie for a lot of different reasons. I hope you did not get whiplash on your way out.
  9. I think that's rather hateful. I don't know how you live with yourself, but don't care. I'm me. I like being me. I have fun being me. Drama is wonderful. This is sort of fun.
  10. Live by the sword, die by it. I guess that's the lesson for me. https://teachmetarot.com/part-1-minor-arcana/lesson-6-the-four-twos/three-iii-of-swords/
  11. Jerks are selfish, manipulative bastards who see women as little more then sexual conquests to brag about to their buddies or mere objects that are there for their personal pleasure. That's what I was and my gf is the same as me. So I accept that. So the major problem is not limited to me. My gf is just like me. Two problems. Not one.
  12. That's rather judgmental, Get off your high horse honey. I'm not perfect. I have a lot of bad habits. I am not a mean person. I am me. Also, if I was a woman posting this story, you would probably be on my side. Women hate men for being men and that's the whole problem,
  13. That is correct. I accept she is going to lie to me and have sex with other people. I do not care. She is just like me. How can I not love her? Maybe one day she will get tired of *****ing other people for an ego trip like I did
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