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  1. Probabily yes, my ping is about 230-260 ms.. I'll try to contact them another time, but it never happened before and to be honest i use this same connection since 5 months ago and never happened this
  2. So, i've tried to reset my moden and call the ISP, but still... No clue of what is going on..
  3. Packet loss at 0.4~0.6 it is bad? i thought it were okay! lol I'll try to contact my ISP then, thanks !
  4. Hi everybody, i'm having an issue on my second life... For some reason, everytime after 5 minutes that i've logged in, second life log me off. I already tried everything, re-install, clear the APP Data, restart the modem, checking my package loss, it is always 0.4-0.2 I do have 20mb Internet connection and a brand new laptop I5 Gen 7, 8 GB RAM , NVIDIA 1050 GTX 4GB, 1TB HD and i have no clue why it keeps logging me off! Someone? Thanks
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