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  1. yes, smooth. Or maybe at worst little light hair
  2. it was just what I meant... thank you very much
  3. If here is permitted nude pics, i link pics found on google image search and i show you. I referring to a... shaved ***** I do not know how else to call it. without pubic hair. I see a shaved ***** on a nude avatar in a club e i see something on a quick search on sl market.
  4. hi does anyone know a shop with a shaved pu**y for free or if paid for then made good to recommend? thankyou and good day on second life
  5. Interesting discussion for a new one I'm looking for spicy places to try
  6. And I see people post picture. How I do?
  7. HI, im in my.secondlife.com/ I see it's kind of facebook. I dont understand if there we can send private message. I see "message inbox" but I dont understand how to send message to friend and other people.
  8. Ciao a tutti mi inserisco nella discussione. Anche io nuova, e imbranata trovo tutto un po complicato (come per esempio gestire inventario, capelli, ecc.) capire come trovare luoghi, ecc. Qualcuno in SL mi ha dato qualche dritta e mi ha portato un po in giro, ma erano americani, e con italiani sarebbe più facile e veloce parlare e capirsi. Se qualcuno vuole farmi un po da guida mi mandi messaggio privato qui sul forum, poi ci vediamo in SL.
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