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  1. lol, thanks. I suppose I should have checked the stores more thoroughly.
  2. I have a CATWA Daniel head and a Belleza Jake body but I'm having trouble finding a pair of matching skins for both. I've been to a few shops so far, like Stray Dog, but sadly the selection there is only for heads when I'm looking for full body appliers. I don't really get the point of an applier that is only meant for the head and not the rest of the body, as then the neck downwards is not going to match the face. I'm using something from Avenge currently but I don't think their skins look that great with facial hair which is what I would like to use for my avatar.
  3. I'm seeing a few different types of collars, from something called a Peanut No. 9 or something of the sort as well as Heartcore. From what I understand in reading the description, Heartcore collars are intended to be much more restrictive for the wearer, once an owner is assigned to it. And from what I've been told by another player, it's impossible or perhaps they just meant difficult for the wearer to remove anybody assigned to it as owners. Couldn't this be problematic if perhaps a submissive person found themselves an owner who suddenly stops signing in, for example? The idea sounds intere
  4. Thanks for the help. Volkstone probably had the best of all those stores but while I was trying them on, I realized the skin applier I used for my mesh head actually came with a hairbase as well that I completely overlooked which works pretty well. I've set landmarks at all those locations for future usage anyway.
  5. I've been looking for some time now for a decent hairbase that actually looks to have hair rather than giving an avatar a buzz or shaved head. Many of the hairstyles I'm finding are meant for that whole aesthetic (long at the top, shaved at the sides) but shaved isn't my style, I'd like to have noticeable hair around the sides of the head as well. All these hairstyles I'm trying on are all basically just weird, top pieces that suddenly stop at the center of the head and it looks odd to me to have that much hair on top while basically being bald everywhere else. For some hairbases that I've fou
  6. Using Firestorm viewer. Can't figure out how release my premium house so that I can cancel my subscription, since I don't really need it anymore. Would appreciate somebody giving me some instructions because I can't seem to find any obvious answers. Kind of dumb that Second Life doesn't automatically do it whenever you want to cancel the subscription.
  7. Hello. I live in the USA, Florida. I was born there and spend much of my day trying to avoid the sun despite how I work outside in it. Fortunately, I am not a "Florida Man" meme yet and would say I'm probably mostly sane. I've been a huge PC gamer for over 20 years, mostly playing FPS games but I have experience in pretty much everything video games. On Second Life, I've had my account for 9+ years but only just started playing recently, so I'm basically a newbie and still learning. Spent much of my free time last weekend learning how to customize my avatar and exploring the world of Second Li
  8. Are there any reliable videos/guides to explain the shop and how to create a decent character? Apparently, I created this account back in 2010 but most likely didn't play Second Life for very long at the time because I didn't have a computer that was able to handle it. I've recently returned now that I can afford PC gaming, but I'm struggling to understand the game now. More specifically, creating a decent character, which is what is most important to me right now. I've found a head to use but have no idea how to remove clothing to be able to see what skins look like. Any time I "detach" cloth
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