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  1. I have been having this problem for awhile. So it is not something new or for today.
  2. I see that page, too. i fill the necessary part (my username), i click on "Send instructions" button but it remains on a white black page. Seems like the urls remains same and page turns blank white.
  3. I tried it, too, still a blank screen with the following link on the url bar, https://secondlife.com/my/account/request.php?lang=en
  4. Yes, i checked it as well and i tried both Chrome and Firefox
  5. Hello, i had an old account. i remember the username but password. i click on "forgot password" and then i fill the blank asking my user name. When i click on "send instructions", a blank white page opens but nothing happens. Doesn't it work? (no any mail received, either)
  6. Arton, do you use plane as physics, although you have an extra cube geometry in that example ? ChinRey, wow that is such detailed and great explanation. Thank you!
  7. By the way, isn't 0,5 meters too much for it ? Even walls of a building are not that thick.
  8. So do i have to use prim option no matter what ? Yes, rug was less than 0,5 m. Then as you told, i added a hidden surface making it 0,53 m. i uploaded and set physics to prim. Omg, it ended up with 450 LI. Also i didn't get the logic @ "add some extra geometry slightly above the rug somewhere to trick the sim server to beleive the walking surface is slightly lower than it actually is." You put extra geometry above but it reads surface lower ?
  9. Hello. i tried to make a rug with wrinkles. Its physic looks ok on SL uploader but when i rez it in SL world, physic seems higher than it was. i float on it. What is wrong with it ?
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