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  1. You forget people could always just use an alt with a new account and just give up that old account. there is no perm rlv on sl and never really will be either. there is no way to stop anyone from just making a new account and starting over fresh if they wanted to. so it is not possislbe to make rlv inescapable ever in the sense that some are wanting and never will be. and giving up an account and starting fresh is not that hard to do for many people.
  2. Always keep a second viewer installed, and make sure it has rlv disabled or just keep the sl default viewer as an alternative. Never accept a collar or any rlv device ever from anyone you do not know or trust very deeply. Never let someone rdp to your computer to log you in to sl ever. For one it is against the tos and for another it is just stupid to give someone that level of power or control over you or your account. some say it cant hurt you, while physically this is partially true, it does no real damage; but it can cause stress and anxiety in some. Mentally and emotionally this is completely false. It can and will effect you if you allow it to, if you let it get to deep in your head. And that is what some dom's/master's/mistress's/owners want. they want and need you to internalize it so deeply you wont take off the collar and thus free yourself form their control. they need that level of power and control over you to make themselves feel good no matter what it makes you feel like afterwards. stay away from those kinds of people at all costs they are trash and do not deserve your respect at all. sl is sl.. rl is rl.. sl=/=rl...total bs. only the truly predatory or truly broken ever spout that bs. everything done anywhere be it in rl of virtual can negatively affect someone. anyone claiming otherwise just does not what you taking their fun away from them by how they can make you feel. always search and read up on anything about what you are going to do first to make sure it is what you want. always learn first about what can or cannot be done with the rlv viewer and its options on how to clear restrictions or disable it to give you the most safest experience until you are ready to push your limits. always have limits.. anyone that says they do not are liars. always make sure your owner or dom or mistress or master knows those limits and accepts them without challenge to begin with. you can always change them over time. if they refuse. leave them. ban them from your collar. block them from communicating with you. they are just predators seeking out their own sexual deviant desires and have no real thoughts or feelings for you and how it makes you feel. they are not worth your time or effort ever. a true dom or owner will listen to you and openly discuss with you why you have those and when and if you want to explore testing them and how. a true master or mistress will care for you and take care of you properly and not leave you stranded or free for anyone to abuse without first asking if that is ok with you. trust, faith and belief.. if you do not have that with the person wanting to be you owner, they do not deserve to be owner. if was added as owner by mistake or trickery, disable rlv. remove collar, reset it or get rid of it and get a clean fresh one. and when ready turn rlv back on and try again. play smart and safe, dont just fall for the hype or the lies or the promises. have a waiting period before you make them owner. if they are really interested and is because they care and not just for their own personal enjoyment then do so. there are many jerks in sl that delight in tricking people to turn rlv on and then abusing them. be smart. dont be prey for them until you are ready for that level of bdsm play.
  3. First and foremost unless you absolutely trust the person do not make them owner, just allow them access if the collar allows it. do not make them primary owner. You never know when the person you trust may decide to bail on you or abuse you or turn you over to someone who will and wont care how it effects you later. after care even online is very important. anyone that fails that, should fail your trust or belief in them. they are just sick people who would do worse in the rl if they could get away with it more than likely. always keep an alt with a key or lockpick or something to break the lock if needed. that way you can use that account to set you free if needed and not wanting to turn off rlv. the abuser wont like it but tough. they dont deserve your respect at that point. Always have a list of both hard and soft rules of your rp limits and the results of breaking them, make sure your dom/mistress/owner agrees to them. make sure all other owner/users agree to them. any that refuse should not be an dom/mistress/owner or user of your collar or other rlv items ever. never give up that level of protection no matter what. no matter how much anyone ever says its just sl its not rl it cant hurt you.. total bs. only the depraved make that claim because they want you to be foolish enough to let them abuse you with out any limits. always know your limits and having no limits is just stupid no matter what. never let someone debase, degrade you to that level ever. always respect yourself. this is meant to enhance your play in sl, not make it unbearable or un-enjoyable to the point you dont want to come back. no matter what anyone says yes what happens in sl can and will effect you in rl emotionally. again only the sick and depraved or broken ever claim it does not. because they dont want you to limit their fun with you. they want total control and you to be at their complete mercy, which is stupid on all levels. know your limits. never allow your safe word to be disabled unless you absolutely know and trust the person and that they do have your best interests at hand. aka have known them more than just a few days or weeks or months in sl. always have a friend either part or not part of community that knows what you are doing, make sure they can see your location in friends list. even if you cant been blinded they can and can come and help if needed. never let your dom/mistress/owner ever tell you who you can or cannot have as friends or how they are to be set if they can see you online and your location or not. doing so is just stupid and leads to your easy abuse by those that use kidnapping huds and similar items. never be online without that friend or your dom/mistress/owner online so they can help if needed if things get to deep and those in control wont listen. and no just exiting out or turning off rlv is not the best choice, it is the easy choice yes but may cause trust issues between you and your dom/mistress/owners. which that alone should be a red flat about them at that point. always play smart and make sure you fully understand what the collar/ring rlv device can and cannot do and its limits or not. never just blindly turn on rlv and let someone give you rlv items ever. always know how to safeword or break out or runaway or disable rlv if needed. never allow someone to convince you to download a special custom client. they have tampered with the rlv system in it more than likely to prevent you from turning it off once on even after logging out. do not be stupid an do this. always keep your own safety in mind over the enjoyment of your dom/mistress/owner. know your limits and make sure you have set them and others know them too. 1)set limits make sure all know and agree before any rp begins at all. 2)know how to disable rlv if needed 3)only be on when someone you can trust to help is on. 4)never be the fool for someone else to abuse and get off on without any sort of side care how it effects you. follow those and other simple bits of common sense and your time in sl with rlv enabled and in the bdsm community or areas similar can be greatly enhanced.
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