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  1. Samujede

    Zugang gesperrt??

    Thank you very much for the info and help. Thank you
  2. Samujede

    Zugang gesperrt??

    Thank you very much that was already removed. Can I log in normally after one day? It will never happen again.
  3. Samujede

    Zugang gesperrt??

    So that's the picture. I can only remove that if I have access .. Or is that possible now?
  4. Samujede

    Zugang gesperrt??

    Can you tell me where. Or is that about the picture in the profile?
  5. Samujede

    Zugang gesperrt??

    Dear Samujede Resident, This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account, Samujede Resident, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards. Violation: Indecency: Global Standards: Profile Resident profiles, as a global feature visible to all users, must adhere to the community standards that are defined for a PG Region. Please ensure that your profile is in compliance with the PG standards. Action: As a result of this violation, your Second Life account is being temporarily suspended for a period of 1 days. It will return to active status on Friday, December 08, 2017. Appeal Process: The decision to suspend your Second Life access was reached after investigation of your use of the Second Life software and service. If you would like to appeal your suspension, you may contact Second Life Support by filing a support ticket at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case. For more information on this process, please see this KnowledgeBase article http://bit.ly/hBIjz Please provide relevant information that you believe would explain the above violation. Linden Lab reserves sole discretion in considering whether to take any action on an appeal. Sincerely, Linden Lab
  6. Samujede

    Zugang gesperrt??

    I speak poor English .. Why was my account blocked for 1 day ?? SL Name Samujede..
  7. One question: I Control is hardcore. there is an owner registered. The owner is no longer there. How can I reset the I controll now?
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