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  1. Yes, that i didnt know about but i am going to be careful this time. what shall be done now since i really want to buy lindens
  2. Nothing goes wrong when you know a person for 3 years and in love.
  3. Hello, I wonder if it helps me posting my problem over here. I am having an issue buying lindens as well. My G.F is in UK and she used my ID to sort my avatar and did a transaction buying lindens and since then i have not been able to make any transaction or buy lindens. It was almost 15-16 days ago. I submitted a ticket as well where i was told it might take 2 weeks and they closed the ticket. After waiting for 2 weeks i am still not able to buy lindens and one thing more , SL asked me to make a verification by attaching a selfie with my passport which i also did. I have submitted a ticket again but to be honest i feel disappointed since i have been suffering a lot. If anyone can do anything then please let me know.
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