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  1. Thank you very much for this. After learning that with advanced lighting model enabled that the invisiprim is actually useless, (or even if you're just using Singularity) I've lost my reason for wanting to do this. I've looked into the RLV feature, however what I mentioned above is still an issue. I'm going to look into the mesh clothing kits though, thank you for the tip. I really appreciate your response
  2. Yesterday a friend recommended I use FIreStorm so I'm going to check it out today. I used Singularity when I had winXP but I hardly used it. Which 3rd party viewer would you recommend if you were to recommend one? I was trying to script into my HUD a function that would detach certain attachments upon click, as a toggle, but I don't think with scripting one can attach/detach any object other than the one containing the script. I don't want to remove all my attachments, otherwise my flight assist and HUD would come off and it would be the same issue I have now of having to manually go into my inventory to attach/detach objects. That's interesting about the advanced lighting options thing. I tried to enable it to see and it won't let me. I imagine my graphics card can't handle it. What do invisiprims look that with that enabled? So then in what way will the LOTR necklace work but invisiprims won't? I have gotten my nametag to disappear with invisiprims, it just needs to be large enough to cover it, although if you zoom out a bit then it becomes uncovered unless you make it huge, which is impractical. If they found a way to do the LOTR necklace successfully, then I can as well. I'm generally at a different sandbox, I just thought I'd check it out and it was my first time there. I'm used to seeing big signs when you first enter displaying the rules, and since I didn't see one, I figured there wasn't any other than no harassment, spamming, etc. Either way, I wouldn't have expected an admin to be immature about handling the situation. They didn't eject me, they started messing with my things and put me in an invisible cage. If they're going to go through the trouble of doing that, it's not because it's simpler, it's because they wanted to. I would've preferred ejection by far. I've now scripted a radar and aim detection into my HUD, as well as a collision detector into my flight assist.
  3. I feel ya, I figured that if anyone tried to go into SL source code they'd be banned if discovered. I just didn't know if there were versions of these things out there. The skin of my AV is already transparent, so if I detach mesh skin, hair, and pants, I'm invisible (unless transparent objects are highlighted). I just don't want to have to go into my inventory every time, I'd rather just have a button on my HUD. Although after reading about that LOTR necklace, I'm renewed with a sense of determination to write a script that can make me invisible even after transparent objects are highlighted, without the side effects of invisiprims. I hadn't had any reason to go through the trouble of this until last night. I was at a sandbox and I didn't see the rule that they don't allow sky platforms (I was at like 1500m so I figured I wasn't bothering anyone) and an admin came and instead of explaining to me that I was breaking a rule and asking me to abide by them, he began griefing me and messing with my stuff. I didn't see who it was and since then scripted into my flight assist a command that tells me the object name and owner of any object that collides with me that don't belong to me, with a clickable link to their profile. I'd rather avoid something like this in the future though
  4. That LOTR necklace sounds pretty cool. I wish I could just see the scripts to make my own I'll bookmark it for now and read to try to learn how to make one. Thank you!
  5. Yeah, I know it's the objects and not the avatar I need to script. The only thing I'm asking here is if there's versions of the starter avatars that have modify permissions. Like how you can download cracked versions of applications, operating systems, etc
  6. I have a HUD that I built and scripted that can perform a variety of useful functions, (increase/decrease flight speed, rez/delete a plate that follows under your feet so you can walk on air, as well as a few others) and I'd like to add a toggle feature that renders my mesh skin, hair, and clothing 100% transparent so I can effectively be invisible (unless of course someone has 'Highlight Transparent' on). I've already created the script, I just can't drop it into said objects because I don't have modify permissions. *Also to add, I know that I could use the invisible texture to make it not visible from 'Highlight Objects' but doing this has the x-ray effect that I'd like to avoid.*
  7. I don't care to change the appearance of my avatar, I simply want to script the mesh, clothes, & hair. If I found another mesh avatar to apply to my own, I would still need one that I can modify to suit what I'm looking for here. I imagine most of the avatars you can buy/find don't come with modify permissions. Is that correct? If I can't script it, I don't want it.
  8. I use the premade avatar 'Julian' and I would like to know if there's anywhere I can find a version of this current outfit or whatever that I can modify. I want to script the items. Thank you.
  9. I saw "Sit on Ground" and "Sitting on Ground" listed as the animation names under the LSL Portal on SL wiki. I've made overrides for other anims that used these types of names as well, such as: "Soft Landing", "Falling Down", etc. Either way, I figured out an answer less than 10 min after posting this
  10. I remember a while back seeing someone selling a prim that you could walk through one side, but on the other side it was solid. I've gotten a bit of the scripting down but don't know where to go from here: default { state_entry() { llVolumeDetect(TRUE); rotation rot = llGetRot(); float x = rot.x; float y = rot.y; float z = rot.z; float s = rot.s; } collision_start(integer total_number) { if(llDetectedVel(total_number)) { llPushObject(llDetectedKey(0), <10,0,0>, <10,0,0>, TRUE); } if(llDetectedVel(total_number)) { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); } } }
  11. I'm writing an animation override script and I'm getting an error when I try it out saying that the animation "Sitting on Ground" can't be found. I've also tried "Sit on Ground" with no luck. Does anyone know if there is any other name for this animation? Thank you in advance. Nevermind, solved the problem. Thank you.
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