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  1. I could point out the faults in your argument, but I think I’ll pass on replying much more to that sort of snark.
  2. @Selene Gregoire While that may be true on a more widespread basis in the States, California has some very specific laws that outline the exceptions to unlawful gambling-esque machines. Page two in my first link explains it a bit more under “Narrowly Defined Amusement Devices Exceptions”. Additionally, your wiki link points out that “Skill cranes in single-play mode (where the player has only one chance per credit to try for a prize) were found by the Ontario Court of Appeal to be essentially games of chance, and therefore prohibited except at fairs or exhibitions, where they are covered
  3. Normally, I’d agree with all of you, but the fact that the claw drops the prize sometimes for no discernible reason, even if you’ve properly maneuvered it to the right place, reminds me of this: “Accordingly, games that award bonuses or impose penalties that are random or unpredictable through the use of any reasonably achievable skill or strategy will be deemed noncompliant with the Skill Gaming Policy and will be rejected.” From: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Second_Life_Skill_Game_Guidelines
  4. So, I saw a few claw machines in a store sim and the sign for them specifically said “play at your own risk”. That sort of phrasing suggests gambling, which is illegal on Second Life, if I recall correctly. The sign said it requires “some skill”. Not only that, but it also said that even if you manage to get a prize in the claw, it would sometimes “fall out”, in which you paid money and got nothing in return. So I’m curious of two things: 1. Is this described claw machine against TOS as a whole? 2. If not, is it against ToS to have these claw machines on a non-gaming-related sim?
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