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  1. Campers still coming up on the "choose your home" page
  2. tickle ridge site coming up in a few minutes...very private!
  3. There's an entire thread on the issue here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/445174-snow-add-on/
  4. I would hate to be one of those responsible for making this policy. What we are really talking about are seasonal changes...and since the infrastructure of Belli doesn't change for the seasons, we decorate as we see fit...in summer we put out swimming pools; in autumn trees with changing leaves; in winter a bit of snow and/or icicles,maybe a few bare trees, and in spring, flowers and plants. There surely can be no rules against decorating for the various holidays of the year if you choose to do that. The covenant currently does not disallow prims covering the entire ground of a parcel...perhaps it should. It does state "Linden Homes should be kept presentable and in-theme to their unique areas."
  5. If you look on the map there are several houseboat regions being worked on
  6. inworld chat is one way to hear of imminent releases, but there's less interest than there used to be...that being said, there are some really excellent abandons as well
  7. I think by the time its red on the map, its a bit too late
  8. but there's always that chance you might get the absolutely perfect one😅
  9. I've had three campers this morning, but none beats the one I have in Lake Tatakaka...i guess we are recycling campers today
  10. giving up a nice camper in Sparkle Bottoms now ...a bit of derendering gives you a water view
  11. looks like just the normal rolling restarts going on right now
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