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  1. strange...one did just come up...something in fjord...i'll look at it later...but I know that's an abandon (Fjord, oddly enough, is not near the sea)
  2. it probably will, but clearly we've come to the end of the large release...,so we will see only abandons until after the first of the year
  3. You can choose pink as the outside color for your camper from the menu; possibly not in all models but definitely in the Sun Valley and the Shenandoah
  4. I'm sorry Leora...If only I had known...they are all so lovely it is sometimes hard to decide...to keep or not to keep! but with the one in Zwischen, , there was no question what to do. Still trying for my dream home 🙂
  5. Just got one in Zwischen and released it. I agree, looks like the region released today. Also one alt got a house in Llyn Brithyll which the other alt released 20 minutes earlier. I think I'm going to stop playing for several hours lol.
  6. I'd say there appears to be a slow release going on...but also seems like abandons are held and released by region...I'd abandon and then get one directly after in the same region, although upon checking, there were claim dates from prior days on other parcels telling me it was not a newly released region. So I agree that its best if you abandon to wait some time before claiming another one...a difficult thing to do!
  7. use the life preserver at the edge of your parcel...click it and you can change the model of the houseboat
  8. I suggest taking a "wait and see" attitude...we are drawing conclusions based on little squiggles on a map...the fear is that the Victorian areas will be like the Meadowbrook and Tahoe areas...totally "cookie cutter". I think and hope that will not be the case with the new regions. After all is said and done, we will still have our lovely parcels in the "old" Bellisseria!
  9. Interesting...I didn't realise that...just came along 20 minutes into the release and got a super-nice one with water on two sides! We'll abandon our lakefront camper on Sparkle Bottom here later:https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sparkle Bottoms/148/144/0 if anyone's interested I'll post here right before releasing
  10. I am hoping there will be an announcement in the forums similar to Patch's Sept. 17th post about the campers.
  11. Is it possible that not of that large new area will be victorians? Might there be traditionals there also? We do see a few new houseboat sites on the map.
  12. Got it! Will abandon within the hour. I've decided to stop claiming houses for now...I might need the abandons for the victorian release!
  13. I like the idea of a mediterranean villa, but my #1 choice would be a varied beach community...shacks on stilts in the water, big Dune Road-type sea-front houses (Long Island, New York), waterfront Miami-type houses (see CSI Miami), Cape Cod beach shacks. Almost all houses could be on water by using canals.
  14. Just got it...must have changed hands a few times...its going back shortly!
  15. Also, in most cases the new homes seem to dispense with the need for add-ons...leaving more prims to decorate with
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