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  1. currently they are only hiring escorts.... No DANCER and you don't get your 50L when you pay for the group, Lack of communication even in there ADS wasting people money and time.. and thinks its okay. as a club you should be more put together :/ don't have to tell me your not hiring dancer after i fill out a app then 50l to join the group.. then kick me out and say we are not hiring dancer.
  2. Hey , I'm Pilana I'm looking for work , I'm a returning Player (decided to give second life a chance before i spend some rl money on it) -I dont have No Mesh body or anything im a Noob... -i'm Willing to work with customer/selling products/Reps/Dancer But if theres anything else Please still Contact me
  3. Im New but im looking for a job i can that am worthy and will learn fast
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