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  1. I would like to know if L$ can be converted into US$, and if so how would this be done and at what expense, then, how would those new US$ be transferred to your bank account? Is any of this a regular practice by others? Now, for the sake of thought economy, please allow me this unrelated question. I have put together investment groups using alts for exploring some of the theories we have discussed. For funding, I add L$ to these accounts, or when necessary gift items. All this to avoid opening additional access to my rl banking. In some instances I've overreached, leaving some such accounts dormant. Sometimes I've been known to loan out to new residents having difficulty with improving their own system avs, the use of some rather nice avis to experience what mesh living is like. Being the paranoid schizo that I am, is there any scheme possible to prevent some otherwise well-meaning individual form simply changing my pass and in effect, steal the account?
  2. Goodness Qie, that is fascinating! Just goes to show, anything that could be done has been done, though, in this scenario, it actually hasn't made it out of the discussion stage, and I realize, you're right, the savings are so paltry it actually isn't worth the effort which would represent a huge management issue.
  3. Is the following an accurate interpretation of what I've learned here? As an SL Premium-Member along with a Group-Membership, that Group member can buy, then donate to the Group a 1,126.4 sqm lot rent-free (if Group polices permit). 1,024 + 10% = 1,126.4 - 10% SL group allowance = 1,024 rent-free An entire region is 65,536 sqm 65,536 / 1,126.4 = 58.18 Group Members to buy an entire region rent-free. Anyone care to join?
  4. Indeed, I'm much like him... When relaxed, I'm warm, loving and self-deprecating, putty in the hands of a woman, while shifting into progress mode, or when faced with critical circumstances, I leave no quarter, take no prisoner... exacting much suffering. So, as Mr. Alwin and I butt heads, it's to the death for us both. I feel for him, yet treat him as I treat myself, cold and exacting. Thank God for the softness of women. Who should survive without them...
  5. ChoiceRider


    wow, thanks for doing the legwork.,.
  6. tis more to the point Perhaps I should learn what "troll" really means, must be a dirty 5 letter word urban dictionary: troll One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. 'you're nothing but a fanboy' is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevance to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue. Volourn by Exitium October 10, 2003 hmmm... sounds like Mr. Alwin -very slowly nods-
  7. You just put together a great package of thought for me, both organized and most suitable for my consumption, and how should I pay you back for such elegant teaching? Oh, and activating the group, adding the tag should have been obvious smh... I do know how that is done at least.
  8. ChoiceRider


    this is an awesome video, thank you so much, I very much appreciate it
  9. ChoiceRider


    Most all noobs (prefers "New Residents") start off with a system classic av. It was a month or so till I sprang for a Sig-Gianni / Catwa. To this day all I know about it is that I paid more for higher detail and a more realistic look, and with a decent human body-language animation-override (Oracul is my choice), you may have somethin. Would anyone want to explain for me in detail what the heck "MESH" really is and how it's made? Yes, I like particulars, especially how it's made. Did you ever watch HOW IT'S MADE on TV? I always loved that show. https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-its-made/
  10. mommy said stop awin urban dictionary: Mommy 1) Female parent 2) Used as an adjective for a female who is superior to someone; used by females to infer superior status over another, particularly a male. Mommyyyy, can I go out and play? I'm your mommy, boy, respect this sh*t. by Vyxen November 23, 2004 hehe
  11. Given we have our group, how is tier donated to the group? Then L$ is donated from each to the group to affect the purchase? This concept is foreign to me only because I don't understand the mechanism for a group to accomplish the handshake.
  12. yes, mom, we be good boys. About the privacy orb.. my friend hasn't the money to incur regular payments for either property or the premium membership. So my solution is to informally protect her ownership of property I've made available to her. It's my intention to provide her with every nuance of personal privacy and control over what I've determined should belong to her within my ability to do so, though informal as it is. I can give her all control over my privacy orb, but that cannot include managing my access due to the fact that it is my orb and my designated property. I cannot be removed from the access list. This is important in making sure she knows that yes, it is her property despite SL's nonrecognition of the fact. Is there any way she can gain ownership over her own privacy orb so that it recognizes her as the owner of the property, or at least have the ability to remove me, the recognized owner, from her access list if only by practical theory, assuring her total control? Added thought: If I rent to her @ L$1/mon, would that grant her the ability to have her own privacy orb? Now for your input concerning group ownership over properties. chronologically: 1) Create a group (done) 2) Everyone donates their 1024 sqm to the group (Are you talking about the premium membership 1024 tier bonus as units of tradable tender and not actual land?) 3) Buy the plot of land (Each group member donates their portion of L$ and then buy the land? So there must be two donations, first that of tier, then of money, at which point the property is then purchased.) 4) Make group tag active (how is this accomplished?) 5) Use the option "buy for group" (First buy the land with donated L$, then set "buy for group"? Is this some kind of transfer? Or, is this out of chronological order?)
  13. This post originally was about how to buy land without a premium membership, but it was posted only after I did research for the answers, but had not found the answers I needed I made the post. It has drawn several important participants and the topic morphed causing a spontaneous broadening of the op. So yes, I had researched without finding the answers I was looking for. I'm thankful for having access to this Q&A community and enjoy it very much. Please join in.
  14. Stop right there if you would please. You don't know either my likes or dislikes, so allow me to request that you might refrain from commenting further in this post as well as any future posts I should have. This request isn't meant for any purpose other than to hopefully reduce distraction. Thank you
  15. You bring up an interesting aspect to all this by pointing to possible group involvement. I'm part of a group with 3 other residents where we want to purchase a shared parcel supporting a base for our WarBug dogfighting activities. Would you know if it would be possible to divide a 4096 sqm parcel so each of us could stay within our premium membership limit of 1024 sqm bonus to avoid tier?
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