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  1. How is the renewal date determine accurately?
  2. That is the kind of advanced advice she is looking for, thank you.
  3. She tells me about wanting to understand how to apply her expertise in 3D game design to the creation of SL clothing. What are the steps she should take, courses in mesh/fitmesh creation? I know there is advanced software for this posses, but I fail to recall where I had discovered them. Anyone care to help this gal? She is most sincere. Thanks for considering these questions. P.S. Any creator willing to be a contact with salutation for this outside creator, please supply name. I will be happy to forward it.
  4. I'm going to section off just 1024 from one of my properties, then open a dedicated group for her to enjoy all permissions possible for that section, this way there will be no worries
  5. My 1024 freebie was used up some time ago, now with tier being what I'm all about, it's good to minimize where possible and deeding land to the group, of which many friends are members, sorta publishes what I'm doing in a way that could cause jealousies.. politics, all politics 😓 well, a new and separate group? but of course With what you said about deeding to group lands sinking in, are you telling me that by doing so I would avoid incurring additional tier? Then any new land could be handled the same with no tier??? nah🤺I thought that was only good for 10% off tier
  6. Agreed Syo.. tho I was hoping to eliminate the need to pay tier for either of us, this begs the thought I should section off a portion of something I aready have, she's aready a member of my personal group, so yea, that would work, but I do like distance from long term friends, if you know what I mean.
  7. Now that's an idea, so how sould I go about finding these Fruit Islands?
  8. She hasn't any idea this is being concidered🎭
  9. 🌝 For all who might care, perhaps it would be advisable for me to simply rent for her a parcel instead, something I've never done. But, this question I have concerning this approach, does renting land grant all permissions as in terraforming and full editing and permissions as found in the options tab in About-Land, also, would she be able to manage her own privacy orb.. does renting land provide all these permission👀?
  10. Yes, I've knocked it around some, yet, one never knows when things may change 🤪
  11. Thanks you guys, I kinda knew that actually. What I want to do is buy a non-premium friend a small property for her birthday. Any ideas how I might accomplish this? 🍍 👁️ 👁️ 👅 🙏
  12. I would like to sell a non-premium resident a 1024 sqm lot. Is this possible being that it would not incur land use fees? Thanks for considering this question.
  13. I would like to know if L$ can be converted into US$, and if so how would this be done and at what expense, then, how would those new US$ be transferred to your bank account? Is any of this a regular practice by others? Now, for the sake of thought economy, please allow me this unrelated question. I have put together investment groups using alts for exploring some of the theories we have discussed. For funding, I add L$ to these accounts, or when necessary gift items. All this to avoid opening additional access to my rl banking. In some instances I've overreached, leaving some such a
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