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  1. I've finished looking for a partner! Actually have a good friend that's going to join me in SL! c: Thank you for taking the time to look at this!
  2. So, I'm really new to SL and the main reason I was interested in SL is for the roleplaying aspect. I've gone to a few places in SL for roleplaying, but I'm pretty intimidated to start on something there.... I decided that listing out some ideas and starting with a one on one sort of experience may be a good start! ^ ^ I'm looking for a para-roleplayer who would be interested in creating characters and possibly moving them forward as a couple if things turn out well in the story telling process, I don't mind if occasionally a shorter style of writing takes place in order to advance things or for more action based play. Basically if you or your avatar/character is a dominant alpha male, with a werewolf or demon side that'd be 100% perfect. The character would have to be a bisexual or gay male, since the character I'd be playing is also male. o wo;; Inspiration, an experience to include some if not all: -Gorean Evolved, interested in certain aspects of this topic -Werewolf, more realistic looking avatars (i.e. JOMO or Wolfkin) -Tribal, think Dothraki from Game of Thrones strong warriors with superstitious beliefs -BONUS if you look like Jason Momoa/Khal Drogo AHAHA kidding. c; -Apocalyptic, recently watched Bad Batch, so cannibalistic survival tactics and all that is heavy on my mind, but open to additions from other inspirations -Omegaverse, a complicated topic that needs a link; https://fanlore.org/wiki/Alpha/Beta/Omega (this can be tweaked to our liking as long as the basics of the topic stay in play) I'd play as the omega. -Witchcraft, pretty broad subject, but specified to our liking -Demons, this in place of werewolves, possibly mixing of the two if it's worked out well If you've got any questions on the topics feel free to send me an message in world and ask about them, you can always ask me on here as well. About Me: I've been roleplaying online for about nine years, but have only had experience on sites where it's all paragraph dependent including character profiles and all that. I'm an extremely open-minded person so additional ideas to the ones listed as well as editing on the concept as a whole would be fine with me, I want to find satisfaction with what I write while also providing the same for a partner. I'm a gay transgender male in real life and while I don't mind roleplaying as a bisexual male, I still hold that male preference when it comes to an SL partner, so the avatar/character must be a male. The writer behind the avatar/character does not have to be a male however, but does have to be 18 or older since a lot of the topics fall into adult themes. c: Typically the characters I choose to play are on the more "submissive" side to things. I have two personalities in mind on where I'd like to take my own character, but as said I'm completely open to discussion in creating a backstory for the pair. I have a couple mesh avatars (whose looks I'm still working on) and I'd be completely up to purchasing a JOMO avatar in order to work with the theme of the roleplay as well as any HUDs to enhance the experience. ^ U^ I have a more femboy looking avatar (using Maitreya Lara body and Catwa Catya head) that I'm still trying to work out as well as a more masculine one (using the Signature Gianni body and the Catwa Daniel head) Please send me a message in world if you're interested or have any questions! > w< (or here, here works well too)
  3. Oh! I will go and mess with the neck size on the Lara and see what that looks like! Aha I did see that Catwa did that! Just after I bought the Dino head too! I'm half tempted to just purchase the Magy head too, but ugh. Such a waste considering I like the Dino head. ; u; Maybe I'll muster up some courage to ask about the adding the option to the older heads, it's worth a try! Aha I'm new to it all, so any tricks and tips would help! ^ ^;;
  4. Okay! So I'm extremely new to SL and have been playing around with what I want my avatar to look like.... (have been literally working on this for weeks, ugh, it never ends) I finally came to a combo of body & head that I really like and may work - thanks to omega appliers skin may be a great fit - HOWEVER, the one thing that isn't working is the neck.... I'm trying to combine the new Catwa Dino male head and plop it onto the Maitreya Lara body. My reasoning for this odd combo is while I'd like to have a very"femboy" type body, I still want a fairly masculine looking head. I was wondering if there is any way to fix the neck? Or is my perfect combo not so perfect in the fact that it's quite literally impossible? Any feedback and advice would help! If this combo won't work is there any place I can buy clothing for the Belleza Jake body that look a bit more feminine or maybe have an oversized look? A lot of what I'm finding is very tight shirts and most things have more of a "jock" appeal. Not exactly what I'm looking for. I like a lot of the clothing that "krankhaus" is doing for their kuroo and the kemono bodies, but I don't believe that any of that will fit the Belleza Jake.
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