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  1. No the object isnt any where I checked sim completely up and down the creator said more then likely the object deleted itself because the scripts were tampered with but thankfully they were very kind enough to replace the item for me as a one time courtesy.
  2. thats happen to me too but this was due to a script reset...
  3. It was the Zooby Trampoline and I thought about that also but this is not the first object this past month that has disappeared off my sim I had a small pool do the same but I didnt touch the scripts
  4. I was resetting scripts on a no copy item and then the item disappeared vanquished, I looked to see if it went back to lost and found, looked at 0,0,0 place on the sim but I cant find it any where. Anyone know what might have happened? Please do not answer this question with comments not pertaining to the subject or comments just suggestions only or if you have had this issue thank you.
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