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  1. Hello, i am looking for a few people who are willing to play kids when it comes time to it. my Character is 1 month pregnant right now on a fantasy rp located in a skybox. while the gender(s) are unknown of the child right now, the amount of children in this pregnancy has already been figured out. it is an unusual rp as it is an Elven Family with a strong Asiatic influence mixed with hints of animes such as naruto, DBZ, Avatar the last air bender and a few others. more details will be given to those whom respond, once the babies become toddlers i will provide bodies and an outfit to the person whom plays the baby(ies) and then the person has free range from there along rather loose guidelines. though it may be a ways till the birth and need of people i would rather get the word out now to inform any interested parties of what all the family is about and what all they need to understand before taking the role as the child(ren). if at all interested please contact SalemWhiteraven. thank you
  2. Sadly this forum is closed now, [i dunno how to delete this one]
  3. Hello there! House Vakii'el is looking for members to join its family! its a fantasy rp with a Japanese influence throughout~ it has a rich backstory and history in it. it gives the players an opportunity to be themselves and write freely! as well as being a part of a family and a rp community that is built to not only support but help each player as they go, whether that be letting them freely express themselves, teaching them how to write a bit better or just to have fun! we care about every member of this family~ If you are interested contact user name Chaosninja7 and SalemWhiteraven to discuss joining and other small details! come help us grow our family~
  4. Hello, my names salem. im a sappy romantic at heart who had their family rp story burned to the ground by the guy whom had been my 'husband' and i want to start again. i enjoy the sweet romantic stuff and while i do rp in other things (mainly fantasy) i like the sweet mushy stuff once in a while. looking for guys [or girls] who are interested in having a family here on sl. we can chat and discuss things to make sure both ends are ok with it im a very kind person! thank you for your time! message SalemWhiteraven if youre interested!
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