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  1. ¡Buen día! Soy mas o menos nueva en SL, y tengo muchas dudas, en esta ocasión quiero preguntar respecto a los mesh avatars, alguien me hablo un poco al respecto, me dijo que habían tres tipos de cuerpo maitreya, hourglass, belleza que son las principales y cabeza catwa. Aproximadamente me dijo que gastas 8k L en armar una completa sin ropa. Mi duda es, como se arma un avatar de estas características, cuantos linders sale aprox, y que partes hay que comprar. Saludos y gracias.
  2. Kedavra92

    Avatar bug

    Hello, I have a problem with my mesh avatar, when I move her head this happend https://ibb.co/mcUyL6 I dont know what to do, I ask the creator of this avatar and hes never on...I pay alot for it. Sorry for my english
  3. Buen día, hace unos días compre un rigged avi, pero no se que sucede que se ve mal. Intente comunicarme con el creador pero siempre esta off, me molesta porque pague 4k L, siempre que mueve la cabeza al costado pasa eso...gracias. https://ibb.co/mcUyL6
  4. Hi all I need a nice store to buy one mesh avi please
  5. Hi, I´m full of tattoos can't add more, there are any option to add more?
  6. And how I put it on my avatar? thanks you and sorry for my english
  7. Hello. I´m new in PS and I want to make the cellulite effect to my classic avatar, like this: I did all the phases but need help to this part: Duplicate the layer and convert it to a normal map. (XNormal/Nvidia plugins, or what ever you like) The gray layer placed on top of the skin diffuse map with blend mode Overlay. And how I put it on my avatar? Thanks so much and sorry for my english
  8. Still trying to found it but nothing
  9. You can see him at /watch?v=iVa9NT7aPw8 min 13:05
  10. Yes I know but it´s the same in the vid
  11. Hey! I was watching a second life terror vid and I saw this avatar but can´t found it...Ik it´s hard to see because was in the night and it´s the only part https://ibb.co/kyAWYk https://ibb.co/nijfR5 https://ibb.co/cdBzKQ
  12. Hello! I want to know if u can custom "mesh" avatars, like weight, skin, hair, and add tattos. Because I want to buy this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/es-ES/p/piggu-June-Mesh-Avatar-v101/10924379?page=2 And I'm not sure if I can edit it, I want to change his hair, skin, and add some tattoos, theres possible? or I need to buy items for her? Sorry for my bad english well thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wow thanks you for that. Amazing information. thanks
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